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Food at the library – yup, it’s okay!

That’s right, it’s okay to bring food into the library. If you haven’t heard yet, we recently relaxed our food policy. We know you study in groups, and that you need to keep your collective study strength up with mentally fortifying snacks. Spread the word! See below for food policy details.

“Food is not allowed near [...]

Got a Question about Lemons???

The first day of classes means….Lemonade Day at the library! Join us on Tuesday, August 19th for our annual fall semester kickoff with free cookies and lemonade, served up all day (or at least until the cookies run out). You’ll find our lemonade stand in the North Read and Relax area.

Fall 2008 JCK Library Welcome Tours

The James C. Kirkpatrick library offers tours of the library during the first several weeks of the semester. Tours not only let us show off our building – after a tour you will have a good idea where library services are located, and know who will help when you have a question or problem with [...]