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Author in the House

That’s right – we have an author in our midst.
Steve Walker, Associate Professor of Library Services at the James C. Kirkpatrick Library,  recently published an annotated guide to travel resources.  Written for the traveler who needs information beyond what is provided in a general guidebook, Travel Resources: An Annotated Guide (2009, Scarecrow Press, ISBN [...]

Fall 2009 InfoOne Newsletter

InfoOne is the newsletter of the James C. Kirkpatrick Library. The Fall 2009 issue is now available for your reading pleasure.

Fall 2009 Library Welcome Tours

The James C. Kirkpatrick library offers tours of the library during the first several weeks of the semester. Tours not only let us show off our building – after a tour you will have a good idea where library services are located, and know who will help when you have a question or problem with [...]

Now You Can Text the Reference Desk!

Now you can text message the reference desk during all open library hours. Hit us with your toughest research questions – we can handle it!
It’s easy: Just text your question to 265010 and start your first message off with jcklref.
We’ll respond with a fresh (separate) text message to start the conversation.

The easiest way to [...]