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CTL offers several grant opportunities that support faculty professional development. You can apply for each grant by clicking on the grant title below.

All grant awards must be expended within the fiscal year that they are awarded (July 1st – June 30th).

All grants must receive approval prior to travel or project. PLEASE carefully read the Guidelines for your Grant.

Institutional Improvement Grant
Funding for projects to improve the classroom environment and/or method of instruction.
*Requests for support for travel should be submitted through a Faculty Travel Grant.

Maximum Award
Determination based on scope of project and available funding.
($300 - $1,800)

Deadline & Guidelines
FY 18 Ongoing

Speaker Series Grant
Supports departments bringing guest speakers to campus to further and enhance UCM goals and mission.

Maximum Award
($500 - $1,000)

Deadline & Guidelines
FY 18 Ongoing

Professional Enhancement Committee (PEC) Mini-Grant
Biannual committee funding for field research, resource materials, workshops, and panelists/consultants.

Maximum Award
Determined each funding period by committee.
($50 - $1,000)

Deadline & Guidelines
Fall 2018 Deadline is October 12, 2018 (11:59pm)
Spring 2019 Deadline is February 8, 2019 (11:59pm)

NEW: Faculty Instructional Development Grant
Supports faculty to attend workshops, seminars, etc. to learn new instructional pedagogies.

Maximum Award
Up to $500 for in-Missouri travel;
Up to $750 for travel within contiguous 48 states;
Up to $1,000 for international travel/Hawaii, Alaska.
Applications are reviewed and approved as received in CTL, and funds are dispensed on a first-come, first-served basis.

One Faculty Teaching Grant award per faculty member, per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30th).

All full-time faculty are eligible to apply for funding.

Applicants are encouraged to seek additional support from departmental, college, and/or other sources. Requests must be made at least one month prior to travel.

All travel must be completed by June 30th. If awardee cannot attend the conference, workshop, etc. originally approved for funding, the grant funding cannot be transferred to another grant request.

Deadline & Guidelines
FY 18 Ongoing

Request for Academic Leave

Academic leaves are granted to enhance the individual (faculty or staff), thereby improving the overall educational environment of the university. The granting of academic leaves will be based on the expectation that the faculty/academic staff member will utilize the period for professional growth and development as related to the individual's University of Central Missouri academic assignment and goals. Some appropriate goals for academic leaves include: to add knowledge in the academic field, to enhance teaching effectiveness, to broaden fields of competency, and/or to acquire other valuable professional experience.

December 1

Scholarly Activity Fund
Maximum Award
Faculty are able to utilize between $750 - $1000 for a trip within the United States, depending on the travel destination, or $1500 for an international trip.

Deadline & Guidelines
Available through the Graduate and Research office.

Instructional Research and Development Grant

Faculty Travel Grant

Central Technology Grant

Previously Awarded Grant Proposals
Institutional Improvement Grant:
Sara Sundberg,
Getting Started w/Oral History, Baylor University, e-workshop

Susan Stockton,
GPL / UCM Athletic Performance Enhancement Program

Professional Enhancement Committee Mini-Grant:
Joanne Crawford,
Resource Materials - Titley, Anabat bat call detector

Stephen Price,
Field Research - camera equipment, monitor, magic arm, case

Robert Breshears,
Workshop - Natural Eye Landscape

Speaker Series Grant:
Ashley Wellman, Johnnie Williams,
Beyond the Barrel, Criminal Justice.