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Blackboard Course Software

The URL to Blackboard software for the online courses is: http://courses.ucmo.edu

You will be enrolled in the class using the campus information about you. This means it 
will use your student ID# (your Social Security number if you enrolled prior to Fall 2006 or your 7 number for those who enrolled beginning Fall 2006) to create access for you initially. 

Your initial user id and password will be constructed as follows: 

  • User name = Your three initials, last four digits of your student ID #, plus a zero (e.g. abc12340). If you don't have a middle initial, the default is the letter "x". 
  • Password for those enrolled prior to Fall 2006 your birthdate two digits of month and two digits of day - eg. for May 23 - 0523
  • Password for those enrolled after Fall 2006 your birthdate two digits of month, two digits of day and two digit of year - eg. for May 23, 1982 - 052382

Once you have logged on using the "initial" set-up user id and password, go to Student  Tools and the Change Your Information area. You should choose a new password and enter it as directed so that you alone have access to your CourseInfo account. You may also want to change your email address to another one. 

If you have never used your campus email account, you need to know that you do have one! It is on the MuleMail system and is set up with a default password based upon your birth date. Your account name or email name is your three initials, last four digits of your student ID # plus a zero (e.g. jad03220). Your default password or PIN is four digits representing your month and day of birth (e.g. 0515 for May 15). You will want to activate your account and periodically check it for messages, whether you plan to use it or not! 

To activate your email account go to http://www.ucmo.edu. From the pull down alphabetic menu, choose Enrollment (MULE System). On the left of the screen is a link to the MULE System. Choose that option to change your PIN (this is to create a new password for security). Your default PIN is the six digit birth month, day and year (for those who first enrolled prior to the fall of 2006 your default will be the four digit based on birth month and day). Follow the instructions on screen and choose a new PIN. Be sure to remember your new PIN as this will be your access to Online Enrollment, your email account on MULEMail, and to use the computers in campus computer labs. 

If you have difficulty with getting your campus PIN changed, you may need to contact the HELP DESK for Information Services so that a technician can correct the problem. Their phone number is 660-543-4357 and the email is helpdesk@ucmo1.ucmo.edu

Your email account is accessible using your account name (three initials of your name, last four digits of student ID # plus a zero) @ucmo2.ucmo.edu, e.g. abc12340@ucmo2.ucmo.edu.  It is a good idea to open your campus mail on occasion even if you do not use it routinely. There may be messages in your box (some things go to everyone who is a student) and if the box reaches its capacity, nothing else may function until the mail box is emptied. 

A useful guide for much of the above is located under the Information Services web site at  http://www.ucmo.edu/infoserv/search/. There are 10 frequently asked questions and some of these may be very helpful to you. 

If this fails, contact the Help Desk at 660-543-4357 or helpdesk@ucmo1.ucmo.edu.


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