In “The Call of Cthulhu” there is a reference by the narrator to “W. Scott‑Elliot's Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria.” For Lemuria lovers, consider The Lost Land of Lemuria: Fabulous Geographies, Catastrophic Histories (University of California Press, 2004) by Sumathi Ramaswamy.



     The album title Love Kraft, by Super Furry Animals, may owe a debt to HPL.



     The amphibious man, Abe Sapiens, from Hellboy, has Innsmouth source material in his background; see Plague of Frogs (Dark Horse, Feb. 2005) by Mike Mignola and Guy Davis.



     I’m intrigued to see how the name “Lovecraft” is being used. One writer states in part “I’ll get all HP Lovecraft on everyone’s ass” (Donny Doane, Pulse of the Twin Cities). This could mean unleashing unspeakable horror; or the mythos monsters.



     In Toronto an Eldritch Theatre puppet play of The Strange And Eerie Memoirs Of Billy Wuthergloom used Lovecraft incantations, if the review is accurate.



     Batman Begins has allusions to, and scenes in, Arkham Asylum, which first appeared in 1974 as “Arkham Hospital” in Batman #258, written by Dennis O’Neil. *** Of some interest to this readership should be Hitchcock and Poe: Legacy of Delight and Terror (Scarecrow Press, 2003) by Dennis R. Perry. *** Originally released between 1985 and 1987, the Japanese anime Iczer-One has an alien race, the Cthulhu, attack earth, according to the review.         



     An academic essay entitled “A Mountain Walked or Stumbled: Madness, Apocalypse, and H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘The Call of Cthulhu’” by Justin Taylor has all of its 59 pdf pages available. *** Scholarship and heavy metal compose “The Lovecraft Industry” according to James Parker (p.D5, The Boston Globe, 12 June 2005). *** Stephen Schwartz doesn’t at all like HPL in his review (p.75, The New Criterion, May 2005) of Tales, though he admits that he has quoted “The Call of Cthulhu.”


Library of America

     In his review of Tales, literary man Fred Chappell (Dagon, “Weird Tales”) writes, “It was his ability to see things as an outsider, to take a nonpartisan view of human existence that gave Lovecraft his peculiar strength” (p.G4, “The Anointing of H.P. Lovecraft,” News and Observer, 27 March 2005).



     A review of John Connolly’s horror short story collection reminds the reviewer of HPL. *** According to Kirkus Reviews (1 July 2005), the children’s book by Joseph Bruchac, Whisper in the Dark (HarperCollins, 2005), concerns “fourteen year‑old Maddy, who is half Narragansett Indian ... stalked by a monster from tribal folklore. She has always loved scary stories, especially those of her father's people and those by local celebrity H. P. Lovecraft.” *** Among the entrants in The Guardian’s  parody contest describing the demise of a character from the Harry Potter books is “Dumbledore's Death in the Style of H. P. Lovecraft” (7 July 2005). 



     There is a sizable and interesting excerpt from the accomplished English translation of Michel Houellebecq’s H. P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life in The Guardian. A chief fault is Houellebecq’s idealization of his subject. For example, contrary to his assertion that HPL was “incapable” of “request[ing] payment,” he did write dunning letters. The author (or his translator) uses the phrase “elementary particles” twice in the same paragraph as if to remind us that that is the title of Houellebecq’s best-known work (also translated as Atomised). Houellebecq states in the book “Those who love life do not read,” which has the buzz to make it into a future collection of quotations.

     More reviews for this work have greater maturity of thoughts and higher quality than for the Library of America collection. For example, that by Michel Basilières in the Globe and Mail (2 July 2005), which costs to read.  In San Francisco Houellebecq and the ill-equipped reviewer Daniel Handler gave a public talk, presumably on HPL.



     Ambrose Bierce has a small role as one of the many historic character in The Temple of Music (Crown, 2004) by Jonathan Lowry. *** Stanley G. Weinbaum is on the list of “2002 Notable Wisconsin Authors” put out by the Wisconsin Library Association. *** Some letter-writings of Tarzan’s creator is published as Brother Men: The Correspondence of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Herbert T. Weston (Duke University Press, 2005), edited by Matt Cohen. *** Conan is in the title story of the Robert E. Howard collection, The Black Stranger and Other American Tales, edited by Steven Tompkins (University of Nebraska Press, 2005). Also, of libraries, only the Library of Congress has one copy of Dear HPL: Letters, Robert E. Howard to H.P. Lovecraft, 1930‑1936 (Robert E. Howard Properties, 2002). *** Howard is the subject of “Author Probably Embellished His Tale of 'Gas Attack' in 1932” (by Paula Allen in San Antonio Express-News, 24 July 2005 ) which describes an account of a city panic, undoubtedly colored by Howard’s imagination.


Ray Bradbury

     His new biography, The Bradbury Chronicles (HarperCollins, 2005) is by Sam Weller, a Dickensian name Bradbury must have appreciated. For more information, see An interview with Weller is at Bookslut.  Ben has an unsigned review of the book in a 28 February Publishers Weekly.  


Corporate Memory, 1984-2005


     The first official organ (oo)–The Cry of the Cricket–that I have is for #45 mailing, so this is where I began the list which forms an appendix for this issue. Titles may pre-date my entrance into the EOD, but I have only begun with the earliest mailing and year for oo’s that I possess as print evidence, i.e., beginning with no. 45 in1984. When there was bibliographical uncertainty it was not until mailing 49 that I had the accompanying zines whose titles I could check, and then it was only for that mailing. Therefore, when I did not have the mailing itself I followed abbreviations as they appeared on the list of contributed titles; and in the comments column I observed when a title was parenthesized or ellipsis was used. My next full mailing was #54. As a result, the level of accuracy is much greater beginning with this and all subsequent mailings.

     Keep in mind that this is first of all a listing of unique titles and secondly a member roster. If, when I joined, a current member did not submit then or later, that person will not be in this list. R. Alain Everts appears more than any member because he has no single title zine but contributes one-shots and titles that carry on for several issues, which I have designated “limited series.”

     Except when I knew otherwise, titles and names have been taken as they appear in the official organ. The first time that a name appears associated with a title is the form of the name that I have chosen–thus, Ken Neily rather than Kennett. In my case, I first appear as “Steven Walker” when my name is “Stephen Walker” (though I go by “Steve”) and I sign my issues in various ways. I assume that some people go by different signatures, but are the same, as Edward Berglund/Paul Berglund.

     Ads and catalogs have usually been omitted if I can recognize them in the list or find them in a mailing.

     Cramming five columns on a page has made for small print, especially because I needed more space than was available for the title and comment columns. In the former case, I have used ellipsis to indicate that I have dragged the remainder of longer titles over to the column labeled “comments.” When this column proves too compact, I have put “see note” with a number, that does not indicate sequence; the notes are below the list


[no title] Everts, R. Alain 1987 60
Reprint of Wandrei obituary
[no title] Lottmann, Oliver 1986 56  
[no title] Smith, Gavin 1987 60  
[no title] Smith, Gavin Edmund 1989 66           See note 11
[no title] Everts, R. Alain 1988 64
In title list as Fantasy Art Miscellany
[no title] Everts, R. Alain 1989 65
In title list as Dreams and Damnations
[no title] Sargent, Stanley 1998 104
Several editions are without title
Actual Hoax, The Berruti, Massimo 2004 126  
Adventure of E. E. Speight, Weird Tales Writer Everts, R. Alain 1996 94
Limited series. Title varies
Adventures into the Unknown Grayson, Perry M. 1996 95
Comic book title. Grayson name not on mailing
Aftermath Supplement Faig, Ken, Jr 2002 120  
Aftermath, The Faig, Ken 2002 119  
Along the Road from Arkham to Innsmouth Sargent, Stanley 1997 97  
Amethystine Hippocampus Hussey, Derrick 1998 101  
Annex, The Searles, A. Langley  1988 62  
Another Forgotten Weird Tales Illustrator: ... Everts, R. Alain 2001 115
...George Ochterlony Olinick, 1988-1957
Apacific Oceania Szumskyj, Benjamin 2000 112  
Arkham Advertiser, The Briggs, Scott 1984 47  
Arkham House Supplement, The Haefele, John 1997 100
See note 1
Arkham Sampler, The Everts, R. Alain 1985 49  
August Derleth Society Newsletter   1994 86
Enclosed with mailing
Availion Whateley, C. D. 2004 127  
Bewitching Pastime from the Halloween Cauldron Dapkus, Jim 2003 124
Biography of Arkham House: Publisher Haefele, John 1998 103
Hesperia special issues
Black Druid, The Grayson, Perry M. 2000 110  
Book Review, A Haefele, John 2000 111  
Bowen Design & HPL Everts, R. Alain 2000 112  
Boy in Summer: Foster, Rhode Island, August 1896 Faig, Kenneth W., Jr 1996 96  
Broadway Beat: All Theatre Issue Indick, Ben 1998 102
Supplement for Ben's Beat, FAPA, and Ibid
Burt Lancaster Meets Mark Twain:... Everts, R. Alain 1997 100
...A Weird Tales Adventure. Limited series
Canticle for P. Schuyler Miller, A Moskowitz, Sam 1994 87  
Cas H.P. Lovecraft, Le Smith, Gavin 2003 124
Title in quotes
Celebrating the Life of Clark Ashton Smith Connors, Scott 2003 122  
Charnel Glyphs Baker, Lawrence  1987 60  
Collected Work of Patricia Eber Eber, Robert 1991 75  
Collection of Stories, A Joshi, S. T. 1988 64
Bonus of Edgar Allan Poe stories
Conference on the Fantastic Bosky, Bernadette 1984 45
Parenthesized title
Congratulations Marc! Haefele, John 2001 115  
Continuity: An Amateur Journal... Connors, Scott 1999 105
Produced for the Esoteric Order of Dagon. New series
Continuous Commentaries Connors, Scott 2001 115  
Crawlings from the Cavern Gafford, Sam 1984 48  
Criticaster, The Walker, Stephen 1986 54
Travel supplement with mailing 113
Criticism of Amateur Verse Faig, Kenneth W., Jr 1998 102
See note 2
Crumbled Relicks Williamson, [Chet?] 1984 45
Not in roster
Cry of the Cricket Burleson, Mollie 1984 45
Official organ
Crypt of Cthulhu Price, R[obert] 1984 48
Cthulhu Mythos Cthew, Lew 1991 74
aka James Ambuehl
Cthulsz Schultz, David E. 1985 49  
Curse of Ebla, The Smith, Gavin  1988 62
As Gavin Edmund Faucher-Smith
Dagon on Film Everts, R. Alain 2002 119  
Damned Thing, The Gafford, Sam 1991 74  
Dark Manifestations Mielke, Marc 1986 54  
Dark Messenger Burnham, Crispin 1984 47  
De Vermis Pudelwitts, David 1985 49  
Death of a Gentleman, The Everts, R. Alain 1987 58  
Derleth, Hawk...and Dove: A Review Everts, R. Alain 1999 105
Ellipisis in title. Limited series
Devonshire Ancestry of Howard Phillips Lovecraft Faig, Kenneth W., Jr 2004 125
See note 8
Different Moskowitz, Sam 1995 92
1973 issue (v. IV, no. 2) 
Disinterred Baker, Larry 1985 51  
Drafts from the Moon Pool:  Hussey, Derrick 2003 123
See note 7
Drake's Potpourri Drake, Dave 1984 46
aka Potpourri in list
Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, The Smith, Gavin 2004 127  
Drippings from the Waxen Mask Arney, Lance 1990 69  
Dunwich Dreams Bertin, Eddy C. 1984 45  
E.P. Berglund Berglund, Paul 1985 51
cf. Edward Berglund, Edward P. Berglund
Edgar Hoffman Price (3 July 1898-18 June 1988) Everts, R. Alain 1988 63  
Edward Francis Gamwell & His Family Faig, Kenneth W., Jr 1991 75  
Eidolon Press Indick, Ben 1984 48  
Elder Wilds, The Taylor, Mick 1996 93  
Empress's Same Old Clothes, The:.. Everts, R. Alain 1998 104
See note 13
Eric A. Carlson, 1944-1996 Everts, R. Alain 1996 96  
Esoteric Order of Dagon, The Azenath, Soror, XXIII 1988 63
Reproduced by S. T. Joshi 
Etchings & Odysseys Everts, R. Alain 1985 52  
Family Album Morris, Harry O. 1985 49  
Fantasy Commentator Searles, A. Langley  1988 64  
Fantasy Commentator Szumskyj, Benjamin 2004 128
Co-editor for one issue
Fantipodean Flanagan, Graeme 1984 47  
Farnswright [sic] Wright (Price) Everts, R. Alain 1984 46  
Fischers from Outside Fischer, Melanie E. 2001 113  
For EOD Sending #103 Whateley, C. D. 2005 130
From Danny and Margaret Barnes-Lovecraft. OO list has this "untitled."  
Forgotten Weird Tales Illustrator, A Everts, R. Alain 2001 114  
Four Musketeers of Weird Tales Magazine  Everts, R. Alain 1994 85
 Limited series
From Arkham to Innsmouth  Sargent, Stanley 2001 114  
From Earth to Back Up There Again Whateley, C. D. 2004 127  
From the Casebooks of Wilmott Watkyns,... Faig, Ken, Jr 2005 129
...Psychic Investigator. Fiction
From the Dark Spaces Berglund, Edward 1984 45  
Gaunt Bugs Burleson, Don & Mollie 1984 45  
Gavin' [sic] Offering Smith, Gavin 1994 85  
Gavin Smith's Offering for Mailing 86 Smith, Gavin 1994 86  
George Wetzel Everts, R. Alain 1984 45
Parenthesized title
Graphic Classics & HPL Everts, R. Alain 2003 121
Limited series
Gtutlele Gullette, Alan 2001 115  
Hammer's Slammers Drake, Dave 1984 45  
Henry Kuttner Everts, R. Alain 1984 48
Parenthesized title, 1985
Hesperia Haefele, John 1994 85  
Hidden Literary Treasures Revealed... Everts, R. Alain 1998 103
See note 14
Hodgson Everts, R. Alain 1984 45
Parenthesized title
Hot Metal and Methadrine Briggs, Scott David 2003 123  
Ibid Indick, Ben 1984 45  
Ibid Supplement Indick, Ben 1995 89
One of several supplements
Ibid: Requiem, September 11, 2001 Indick, Ben 2001 116  
Ibid: Special Supplement Indick, Ben 1997 98
"In Memoriam: Sam Moskowitz (1920-1997)"
Ideal Amateur Paper, The Faig, Kenneth W., Jr 1998 102
See note 3
Idiot Chaos Pugmire, Wilum Hopfrog 2000 111  
In Memoriam: Hyman Bradofsky, 1906-2002 Faig, Ken, Jr 2002 120  
Inhuman Necronomicon, An Hussey, Derrick 2002 117
See note 5
Insidious Garden: A Look at Horror Fiction Faig, Kenneth 1988 62
See note 12
Invaders, The; Catalogue; Quinn Everts, R. Alain 1984 47
The Invaders in quotes  
It Came from Beneath the Kudzu Bosky, Bernadette 1985 50  
Joke Is on Mankind, ...The Woodruff, James Arthur 1990 72
Ellipsis in title
Kafka Edition, A Gullette, Alan 1999 107  
King Things Baker, Larry 1984 47  
Kornflake Killer Konfidential Smith, Gavin Edmund 1999 108  
Leather or Prunella: A Journal of Indifferent Stuff Faig, Ken 1998 102  
Letters from Leng Eber, Robert 1984 45  
Life Is a Hideous Thing Joshi, S. T. 1995 91  
Light-House (Poe/Tierney) Everts, R. Alain 1984 46  
Lines of Occurrence  Bosky, Bernadette 1985 50  
Lines of Occurrence (Hlavaty) Bosky, Bernadette 1984 46  
Little Johnny Perkins Journal Michaud, Susan  1988 62
Marc Michaud co-edited issue 2, etc.
Lovecraft in the 1930 Census Everts, R. Alain 2003 123  
Lovecraft on the Internet Everts, R. Alain 1996 93  
Lovecraftian Ramblings Neily, Ken 1984 45  
Lovecraftians Do It Abominably Bosky, Bernadette 1985 50  
Lovecraft's City Heitner, John 1984 47  
Mental Slummings Marshall, Ronald F. 1986 56  
Metaphysics in "The Music of Erich Zann" Harksen, Henrik 2003 124
Booklet has 'Metaphysics' in quotes
Michael Leith Reeves (1943-1969) Everts, R. Alain 1989 67
Limited series
Minions of Cthulhu Whateley, C. D. 2003 124  
Mirror of Shadow: A Memorial to Nora May French Smith, Gavin Edmund 1989 66  
Miskatonic U. Press Pudelwitts, David 1984 45
Parenthesized title
Morbidity and Mortality Bosky, Bernadette 1984 48  
More Than Meets the Ear: An Occasional Journal...  Faig, Ken 1998
...Devoted to Edith Miniter and Her Friends
Morgan and Rice Gazette, The Burleson, Don & Mollie 1984 46  
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Moshassuck Review, The Faig, Ken 1984 45  
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Mystery of Francis Stevens, 1883-1948 Everts, R. Alain 1997 97  
Mystery of Robert Arthur, The Everts, R. Alain 1992 80
Limited series
New Dark Age, A Godwin, David F. 2001 115  
New Lovecraft Collector, The Michaud, Susan & Marc 1993 81
Sample copy
Newbie That Lurks Amongst You, The Lord, Bruce 2004 127  
No Yawns Here Grayson, P. M. 1995 90
aka No Yawns Here!
Nocturne Morris, Harry, Jr. 1984 46  
Nodens' Notebook Anderson, Douglas A. 1996 93  
Noisome Intermezzo Van Calenburgh, Hubert 1995 90  
Noisome Scrawl Van Calenburgh, Hubert 1991 74  
Notes from a Snug Room Cockcroft, T. G. 1998 101
Supplement to Moshassuck Review
Nuclear Chaos Joshi, S. T. 1988 61
Official organ
NY Newsletter Collins, Tom 1984 46  
Observations on Amateur Verse Faig, Kenneth W., Jr 1999 105
By Howard P. Lovecraft. Reprint by Moshassuck Press
Oh to be Young... Baker, Larry 1985 50
Ellipsis in title
Opera Omnia:  Haefele, John 2000 109
See note 6
Orderer of the All Seeing Eye Szumskyj, Benjamin 2001 114  
Other Bizarre Conceptions Mariconda, Steven J. 1995 89  
Out of Mind: The Stories of H.P Lovecraft,... Everts, R. Alain 2001
...Video Review
Out of the Shadows Harksen, Henrik 2004 127  
Outpost, The Humphreys, Brian 1990 71  
P.H. Cannon/Life/Work Cannon, Peter 1985 50  
Peter Straub Bosky, Bernadette 1984 46  
Philosopher, The Harksen, Henrik 2002 119  
Pickman's Boston/SC Ctlg Everts, R. Alain 1985 51
Title from OO list
Pleasures of Death, The Bush, Laurence C. 1992 80  
Pulptime Cannon, Peter 1984 47
Parenthesized title
Punk Lust Stroszeck, Cristien Wilhelm 1999 108
Punk Lust Pugmire, Wilum Hopfrog 1999 108
R. H. Barlow Faig, Kenneth W., Jr 2001 113
Includes facsimile of "The Night Ocean" manuscript
Raw, New Things Goodrich, John 2000 112  
Red Viscous Madness Blackmore, Leigh 1984 48
New series began 2004, mailing 125
Resting Place of Francis Stevens, The Everts, R. Alain 1997 98  
Richard Matheson Flanagan, Graeme 1985 49  
R'lyeh Reader, The Cthew, Lew 1984
aka James Ambuehl
S. Baring-Gould: A Cornish Legend Faig, Ken, Jr 2005 130  
Sanguineous Search for the Elusive and Reclusive... Everts, R. Alain 2003
...Writer Robert Barbour Johnson, The. "Part 1"
Science-Fiction on the Internet Everts, R. Alain 1995 92  
Selected Scribblings Cannon, Peter 1984 45  
Sentinel Connors, Scott 2003 122
Newspaper with Smith article
Sepulchral Spawnings Oreno, Dave 1984 45  
Servant of the Warsman 3 [sic] Preston, Rob 1995 90  
SF History: Some Unknown Episodes Everts, R. Alain 2004 126
Limited series
Shining Trapezohedron Cthew, Lew 1985 52  
Sidereal Dapkus, Jim 2004 128  
Sidereal  Dapkus, Jim 2004 126  
Signed Unbound Pages from The Goblin Tower... Hussey, Derrick 1998 104 Frank Belknap Long. Facsimile edition.
Smith Gardens Smith, Gavin 1989 76  
Snake Den Faig, Ken, Jr 1998 102
See note 4
So Long... Bosky, Bernadette 1986 53
Ellipsis in title
Some Comments Regarding the "Research"... Everts, R. Alain 1995
...of Sam Moskowitz
Some Further Comments Concerning... Everts, R. Alain 2002 120
...August W. Derleth
Some Lovecraftian Thoughts on Borges'... Lord, Bruce 2005 129
..."There Are More Things"
Some More British Research Everts, R. Alain 1987 60  
Some Russian Fantasy and Science-Fiction Books Everts, R. Alain 1992 78  
Spiderbite Baker, Larry 1984 45  
Stanley Grauman Weinbaum Everts, R. Alain 1990 70
Limited series
Starry Wisdom Fulwiler, William 1984 45  
Star-Winds: A Journal of H.P Lovecraft.... Coffman, D. Franklin, Jr. 2001
...and Related Studies
Statement of Randolph Carter, The Everts, R. Alain 1985 52  
Step Ladder, The Connors, Scott 1999 106
1927 reprint with article "The Poetry of Clark Ashton Smith"
Sticks Burke, Rusty 1990 71  
Tale of Toad Loop, The Sargent, Stanley 1998 103
Tales from Dagon's Antechamber Lottmann, Oliver 1987 57
Prior mailing untitled
Terabytes Jarocha-Ernst, Chris  1994 86
See note 9
Terminal Edition, A Gullette, Alan 1999 108
As Alain de Ghoulette
Terrorist, The Gullette, Alan 1997 98  
Thing in the Bedpan, The Baker, Larry 1986 56
From OO title and member lists
Three Poems of the Supernatural Faig, Kenneth W., Jr 1997 100
Poems by Ray Hchkavik Zorn
Through the Gates of the Silver Pee Baker, Lawrence A. 1985 49  
To R. M. P___ Formerly of A___, Massachusetts Haefele, John 1999 107
To the Recipient of This Volume... Everts, R. Alain 1988 63
See note 10
Tomb, The Everts, R. Alain 1987 59
Chapbook of HPL tale
Toward an Accurate Bibliography... Everts, R. Alain 1986 56
...of Lovecraft's Paperback Editions in English
Twilit Grotto, The Mariconda, Steve 1984 45  
Two Views of Lovecraft Faig, Kenneth W., Jr 1999 106
By W. Paul Cook, William J. Clemence. Reprint by Moshassuck Press
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United's Policy, 1920-1921, The Faig, Kenneth W., Jr 1999 105
By Alfred M. Galpin, Jr., Howard P. Lovecraft. Reprint by Moshassuck Press
Unquiet Collins, Tom 1984 48  
Vale of Pnath Newsletter Leach, Jeff 1991 73  
Visions from the Outside: A Zine in honor of… Harbin, Steven R. 2001 113
...Howard Phillips Lovecraft. With assistance by Carrina E. Harbin
Visit to the Birthplace of William Hope Hodgson… Everts, R. Alain 1986 54
...(1877-1918), A
Visit to Two Early American Writers of Horror... Everts, R. Alain 1992 79
...Stories, A
Visit..., A Everts, R. Alain 1986 53
Ellipsis on title list
Walking Tour of Lovecraft's Lower Manhattan, A Hussey, Derrick 2002 120  
Walpurgis Night Sanders, Lewis 1984 46  
Weird Tales and Its Minority Contributors Everts, R. Alain 2001 116
Limited series
Weird Tales and the 1901 U.K. Census Everts, R. Alain 2003 124
Limited series
Weird Tales and the WWI Draft Registration Everts, R. Alain 2005 130  
Weird Tales Artist Elton Clay Fax, 1909-1993: ... Everts, R. Alain 1998 102
...From Fantasy Artist to Realist
Weird Tales Project, The Everts, R. Alain 1997 99  
Western Edition, The Gullette, Alan 1999 106  
Western Front, The Gullette, Alan 2000 110  
What Is Anything? Joshi, S. T. 1985 52  
William Hope Hodgson Research Everts, R. Alain 1989 66  
Wine of Wizardry, A Smith, Gavin 1992 80  
Wurmstichig! Pearson, Harry 1984 45  
Yawning Vortex Grayson, Perry M. 1994 87  
Yr Tentacle T. my Hrt etc. Bosky, Bernadette 1985 51
Title from OO list
Zarfhaana Lord, Glenn 1984 46  
Zine Time Cannon, Peter 1985 52  


     1 The subtitle of this bound book is Bibliographical Additions, Comments, Marginalia, and a Revised, Expanded Collectors’ Price Guide Comparison to Arkham House/Mycroft & Moran.

     2 The reprint by Moshassuck Press (1998) is subtitled A Selection from the Critical Department of The National Amateur, and by Howard P. Lovecraft. No editor is given, but the introduction is signed “KWF.”

     3 The reprint by Moshassuck Press (1998) is subtitled A Symposium, with participants listed as Ralph W. Babcock, Ernest A. Edkins, Howard P. Lovecraft, Robie M. Macauley. No editor is given, but the introduction if signed “KWF.”

     4 At head of title: “When Visiting Beautiful Arkham, Massachusetts, Be Sure to Stop at Randolph Carter’s Eldritch Snake Den”

     5 Subtitle: Or, Oh, the Single-Handedly Frightening Globule of it ALL! “Tales from the random H. P. Lovecraft story generator”

     6 Subtitle: The Moshassuck Press Bibliography. Hesperia special #3. The 2nd revised printing was 2002, mailing 119

     7 Subtitle: The Influence of A. Merritt on H.P. Lovecraft. Booklet by Jack Madison Haringa

     8 Co‑authors Chris J. Docherty, A. Langley Searles, KWF. Moshassuck Monograph Series no. 9

     9 Subtitled The Newsletter of Miskatonic University Computer Operations and User Services.

     10 Full cover title (with quotes added): “To the Recipient of This Volume” by Howard Phillips Lovecraft and “Atlantis” by Ira A. Cole. Both are poems.

     11 Untitled contribution (mailing 66) by Gavin Edmund Smith is reprint of “Ralph Wollstonecraft Hedge: A Memoir” by Ron Goulart. Smith also has other untitled mailing.

     12 Insidious Garden is a reprint of a title by Edward W. O’Brien, Jr., with added material by Kenneth Faig. It is Moshassuck Monograph Series no. 2.

      13 Full title: The Empress's Same Old Clothes: Some Comments on the Recent Biography of August W. Derleth. With reprint of article on AWD. 

      14 Full title: “Hidden Literary Treasures Revealed: Unpublished Works of Wisconsin author August Derleth.” Reprint from BookLovers.       




This has been the 45th issue of The Criticaster (August 2005, Esoteric Order of Dagon mailing 131) by Stephen Walker.  Eventually published on the Internet as The Limbonaut (no 16)