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The Harmon Computer Commons

The Harmon Computer Commons is a fully networked electronic environment, whose workstations have access to informational resources, productivity tools, group work areas and teaching labs.  These resources are designed to fully integrate the informational resources of the library with the technology acquired, disseminated and utilized by the University of Central Missouri community.  Two multipurpose class spaces are connected to the commons area, and contain computers for instruction in an electronic environment.  HCC offers the following services and facilities:


  • Orientation & Training: Workshops are conducted during the first few weeks of class on many of the software packages available in the HCC. 
  • Consultation: HCC staff are available to answer questions from three help areas in the open lab.  Ask one of the people in the green vests for help when you need it.  Appointments may be made for detailed problems, and non-credit courses are available.
  • Finding Information: HCC staff are available to assist clients search the web effectively, use the library's electronic resources, and find appropriate tutorials.
  • Repairing Disks: Non-credit courses are conducted during the first few weeks of class on many of the software packages available in the HCC

Reservations: HCC staff are able to make reservations for workshops, make classroom reservations for UCM faculty, and reserve laptop computers for UCM faculty, staff and students.


  • Open Lab: 39 PC and 31 Mac workstations are connected to the campus network.  9 of these (4 PC and 5 Mac) are attached to scanners.  All contain a variety of productivity software packages, and the scanning stations have PhotoShop.  All are available in the commons area on a first-come first-serve basis to those having a valid password.
  • Classrooms can be reserved by teaching faculty for instruction within a hands-on environment.  There are 2 PC (12 & 15 station rooms) and 1 Mac (8 station) hands-on classroom that are capable of accommodating between 16 and 30 students.  Each classroom has a teaching station [computer, overhead [ELMO], VCR, audio and a projection system.
  • WebZONE: 9 IMacs are available for accessing the internet through Internet Explorer or Netscape Browsers.
  • Information Central: 5 work stations have special software [course specific software, dictionaries, encyclopedias] as well as access to CD ROM databases and internet links.  These provide access to full text resources, indexes, style guides and tutorials.  Basic Print sources are available as well.
  • Printing: Laser printing is available from any of the computers in the open lab or classrooms at .10 per page.
  • Transparencies can be made for .40 per page.
  • Laptop computers are available for rental.  Both IBM compatible and Mac platforms are available, and each contains  Microsoft Office and Corel Suite.

The Harmon Computer Commons main web site contains more detailed information.


Regular Hours

Mon - Thur 7:30AM-12PM
Friday 7:30AM-7PM
Saturday 11:00AM-7PM
Sunday 2:00PM-12PM