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Information Resources

The Collections

The James C. Kirkpatrick Library receives  U.S. Government Publications, Missouri State Publications, and a wide variety of maps. These collections are located on the second floor of the library. Assistance is available at the Reference Desk.

  • As a U.S. Government Depository Library, we join around 1200 other depository libraries and a
    long tradition of providing access to government information. We receive about 70 percent of available publications from the U.S. Government Printing Office and make these available to the residents of the Fourth Congressional District of Missouri.
  • We receive Missouri State publications distributed through the Missouri depository system.
  • We receive USGS topographic and geological maps and National Imagery and Mapping Agency Maps.

We welcome both the University community and the public to use these collections.

Check-out Policy

Most of these documents (except those located in Reference or stamped with "Does Not Circulate") may be checked out for four weeks. They are also available through interlibrary loan to other libraries.

Subject Interests

We select publications from the U.S. Government in subject areas that reflect the academic programs at the University of Central Missouri and the interests of the residents of west central Missouri. These areas of collection strength include Agriculture, Aviation, Census, Congress, Criminal Justice and Law, Education, Health, Industrial Safety and Hygiene, Military History, and Transportation. The collection is not limited to those subject interests, however. We have a wide variety of documents that mesh with the varied interests of our client community.

Typical search strategies for locating government documents in our collection vary by type of publication. Many government publications are available on the Internet. See the documents page or search Google U.S Government Search or USA.gov.


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