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GPO Access

Established by the GPO Electronic Information Access Enhancement Act of 1993,
GPO Access
provides the authoritative version of Congressional bills, acts, and action
in electronic format as well as access to hundreds of other Federal government publications.

How does GPO Access compare to other providers of this information?
See the Legislative Resources Comparison Report for a comparison to
Lexis-Nexis, Thomas, and other providers.

Code of Federal Regulations

GPO Access in conjunction with the National Archives and Records Administration makes available the Code of Federal Regulations. You can search individual titles by keyword and by section citation and you can browse the CFR section by section. For additional information, see "About CFR Service." Plans for the future include updating the CFR as the regulations are published in the Federal Register. For now, each online title will be updated once a year when paper the paper version is updated.

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FDLP Electronic Collection

The FDLP Electronic Collection is composed of primary data sources in full text and secondary data sources or finding tools at GPO or at other official sites.

  • Full Text Information--Includes Core Documents of U.S. Democracy, the Department of Energy Information Bridge, Department of State Foreign Affairs Network, STAT-USA, the National Atlas of the United States, and more.

  • Finding Tools--This page includes a wide variety of tools for finding government information on the Internet. It includes links to a long list of searchable databases and a page that includes Agency Search Engines.

  • See also my Government Information links--useful Electronic Publications, links, and Search Engines.

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Federal Register

The Federal Register is the official publication for Presidential Documents and Executive Orders as well as Notices, Rules and Proposed Rules from Federal Agencies and Organizations. It is the "daily newspaper" of federal government business. GPO Access provides a search screen that lets you search for needed information in particular fields. If you are uncertain about how to develop a search, refer to the Helpful Hints screen at the top of the page. The Federal Register from 1995 to the present (in this case, that means today!) is available here.

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Government Information Locator Service (GILS)

In 1980, Congress passed the Paperwork Reduction Act. It was designed to reduce the paperwork burden on the public and to generate policy for handling information in the Federal government. One element of that legislation was a call for an information locator system. Sixteen years later, just such a system was developed. Many agencies have made their GILS records available through GPO Access. The Government Information Locator Service (GILS) provides hot links to either government records or descriptions of public information sources along with contact information for obtaining access. Browse GILS searches and retrieves a complete list by agency of the GILS records maintained at GPO. It also provides pointer links to GILS servers maintained by other agencies across the Federal government.

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Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (the Monthly Catalog)

The Catalog is the "Sears Catalog" of government publications, listing every title known to the Government Printing Office since 1895. It is available in several formats from several sources.

  • Paper Volumes (the Monthly Catalog): Our library holds volumes dating from 1911 to 1995. (Government Documents Reference)

  • Online: The Catalog is available from many sources. Mostly, you choice is dependent on what is convenient wherever you are right now.

    • GPO Access: From the Government Printing Office, the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications includes records from January, 1994, and is enhanced with hot links to electronic publication on the Internet.

    • Quest: The online catalog contains records from late 1993 to the present for the documents we have received in our library.

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Pathway Services

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Sales Product Catalog (SPC)

The Sales Product Catalog (SPC), formerly the Publications Reference File (PRF), is the database of documents currently available for sale from the U.S. Government Printing Office. It is updated daily and includes prices, stock numbers, SuDoc numbers, etc.

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U.S. Code

The U.S. Code is available at GPO Access as well as in paper in the Law Collection at Reference. For assistance in searching, check out the Helpful Hints. This version is updated periodically and allows for searching by keyword, citation, and public law citation.

For additional assistance, call the Reference Desk at 543-4154.

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