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Tax Forms and Information

Most state and federal tax forms are available on the Internet. Below are several useful links:

State Tax Forms

Federal Tax Forms

Additional Links

Christopher S. Jackson, C.S. (1997). The Inane Gospel of Tax Protest Resist Rendering Unto Caesar -- Whatever His Demands. Gonzaga Law Review  32 291-329.


The easiest way to get a tax form from the Internet to paper is to use a computer equipped with the Adobe Acrobat Reader and connected to a laserjet printer. These are available in the Computer Commons. Once the tax form has finished loading and is displayed on the screen, just select File and Print in the Acrobat window. (Note: there is a charge for printing in the library: $.10 per page.)

If you prefer, during tax season you may pick up the most popular tax forms in the library. They are located on the first floor opposite the Circulation Desk. You may also photocopy most of the other tax forms. Ask for the Reproducible Tax Forms notebooks at the Circulation/Reserve Desk. For tax forms from states other than Missouri, see the State Tax Forms links above.

You may call us for information about tax forms at (660) 543-4154, but please don't ask for tax advice.



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