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Library Advisory Committee
2002 - 2003 Annual Report

Members Serving on LAC for 2002-2003: Mr. Joe Kupersmith (Chair), College of Applied Sciences and Technology; Dr. Gregory Brown (Vice-Chair, 2002 only), College of Education and Human Services; Dr. Charles Dahlstrom (Secretary); Ms. Davie Davis, Library/Academic Staff; Ms. Cristie Stevenson, Ms. Ann Richardson, Graduate Student Association; Mr. John Liberto, Student Government Association; Dr. Charles Schwepker, (Vice-Chair 2003) Harmon College of Business Administration; Ms. Mary Heater, Support Staff; Dr. Ken Wood, College of Arts and Sciences; and Dean Pal V. Rao, Dean of Library Services (Ex Officio). Attendance at the meetings is reported in the LAC minutes of the six-committee meetings. These reports are filed in the Faculty Senate Office.

There were six committee meetings held during 2002-2003 academic year (September 5, 2002, October 23, 2002, November 20, 2002, February 6, 2003, March 6, 2003, April 3, 2003). Several subcommittee meetings were held concerning the preparation of the Library Materials Budget Proposal and a Library Services Survey.

The following issues were discussed during LAC meetings:

A. Library Materials Budget

  1. At Dean Rao’s request, the committee reviewed the acquisitions budget allocation (In 2002-2003 the Library Advisory Committee requested an additional allocation of $195,000 for the FY2004 library materials budget.) LAC members supported the recommendation.
  2. Dr. Brown (chair) and Mr. Kupersmith were appointed as the Library Materials Budget Subcommittee. The committee, after review and analysis of the library materials inflation, other Missouri academic library budgets, and the current state of the university’s budget, prepared a budget resolution requesting the library materials budget be increased sufficiently to offset inflation and to maintain the current subscription base in the 2003-2004 fiscal year.
  3. The resolution for library materials budget FY 2004 was approved and forwarded to the FS Advisory for University Budget committee.

B. Library Policy and Services

  1. A subcommittee was created to study the results of the library survey, Dr. Dahlstrom (chair), Ms. Davis, Ms. Heater, and Dr. Don Nimmer, served as the Library Services Subcommittee. The survey was conducted in Fall of 2002 and the results discussed during several spring meetings. Survey will be administered again in 2003-2004 for additional input from students and faculty.
  2. The LAC web page for posting minutes and members e-mail addresses will be available for 2003-2004.

C. Committee Governance and Process

  1. Mr. Joe Kupersmith was elected to serve as chair with Dr. Gregory Brown serving as vice-chair up to his retirement; Dr. Charles Schwepker elected vice-chair for 2003 and Dr. Charles Dahlstrom serving as secretary.
  2. The committee reviewed its charge and recommended several changes. Among the changes recommended were an expansion of the committee’s membership, and a clarification of the committee’s purpose.
  3. Noting a lack of standing by-laws, the committee began the drafting of by-laws.

Submitted by Joe Kupersmith, LAC Chair


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