Library Advisory Committee at the University of Central Missouri


Library Advisory Committee
September 25, 2002 - 1:30 p.m.


  Sept. 25
Dr. Charles Schwepker x
Dr. John Haydu a, called
Dr. Ken Wood - - -
Mr. Joe Kupersmith x
Dr. Gregory Brown x
Ms. Davie Davis x
Dr. Charles Dahlstrom x
Ms. Mary Heater  x
Ms. Cristie Stevenson x
Mr. John Liberto a
Ms. Ann Richardson - - -

A. LAC Issues

  1. Dean Rao welcomed all members. Members were introduced.
  2. Election of Officers. Nominations for Chair were opened to the committee. Ms. Heater nominated Mr. Kupersmith and was seconded by Ms. Davis; Mr. Kupersmith was elected by acclamation. Dr. Schwepker moved to defer the nomination of Vice-Chair until October 23, 2002, was seconded by Dr. Dahlstrom; the motion was approved. Ms. Heater nominated Dr. Dahlstrom as Secretary was seconded by Dr. Brown; Dr. Dahlstrom was elected as Secretary.
  3. Approval of minutes from April 22, 2002 was moved by Dr. Schwepker and seconded by Dr. Brown to approve minutes as presented; motion passed.
  4. Review LAC charge – reviewed and discussion of 2nd draft. Dr. Schwepker moved to change III. A. to read “Composition (15 members)” and III. A. 1. to read “One faculty member from each college and L/AE and three at-large faculty members.” was seconded by Dr. Dahlstrom, motion was approved. The amended LAC charge was approved. The LAC charge as approved will be forwarded to the Faculty Senate for its review and approval. Review and discussion of by-laws of the Library Advisory Committee; Dr. Brown moved to adopt by-laws as written, Dr. Schwepker seconded, motion was approved.
  5. Committee briefly discussed the Library survey project initiated by the previous year committee. Members will receive a copy of the survey for discussion at the next meeting.

B. Dean’s Announcements

  1. Dean Rao expressed grateful thanks to the 2001/2002 LAC committee and Faculty Senate for recommending to the University administration to increase library acquisitions budget at least to off set the inflation and enable the library to maintain its current acquisitions level. As President Patton said “it is an honor to serve at an institution, where faculty place library needs above their salaries.” We are also grateful to Dean George Wilson for allocating $65,000 on a one-time basis from his college salary savings to the library. Through this action Dean Wilson placed University needs above college needs. Dean Wilson’s generosity made it possible for us to maintain our serial subscriptions for another year without any forced cancellations.

Moved to adjourn by Dr. Brown, seconded by Dr. Schwepker; was approved. Meeting adjourned.
Recorded by: Dr. Charles Dahlstrom, Secretary – Library Advisory Committee


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