Library Advisory Committee at the University of Central Missouri


Library Advisory Committee
October 23, 2002 - 1:30 p.m.


  Sept. 25 Oct. 23
Dr. Charles Schwepker x x
Dr. John Haydu a, called resigned from position
Dr. Ken Wood - - - - - -
Mr. Joe Kupersmith x x
Dr. Gregory Brown x x
Ms. Davie Davis x x
Dr. Charles Dahlstrom x x
Ms. Mary Heater  x x
Ms. Cristie Stevenson x x
Mr. John Liberto a a
Ms. Ann Richardson - - - - - -

A. LAC Issues

  1. Discussion on distributing the minutes electronically to department chairs. Current policy is once minutes are approved to send a hardcopy via campus mail to department chairs, with the request that chair share information with their colleagues in their department. Dr. Schwepker moved that once minutes are approved to forward electronically to department chairs with a request that information be share within the department, Dr. Brown seconded, motion passed. Minutes will be distributed electronically beginning with September 25, 2002 minutes upon approval.
  2. Meeting schedule was requested to start meeting at 1:00 p.m. instead of 1:30 p.m. all approved. Next meeting scheduled for November 20 at 1:00 p.m. in Conference room 2233 of the James C. Kirkpatrick Library.
  3. Election of Vice-Chair. Nominations for Vice-Chair were opened to the committee. By acclamation Dr. Schwepker was appointed Vice-Chair.
  4. Approval of minutes from September 25, 2002 was moved by Dr. Brown and seconded by Dr. Schwepker to approve minutes as presented; motion passed.
  5. Review LAC charge – following last meeting a proposal to make an addition to the charge was received by Dr. Dahlstrom. Charge was brought back to committee for review. Dr. Schwepker moved to change III. C. to read “C. Election of Officers. 1. Chair and Vice-Chair to be elected from faculty membership. 2. Secretary to be elected from faculty and staff membership.” And to change IV. COMMENTS first line to read "Whenever possible, a second-year committee member shall be elected as chair.” Was seconded by Ms. Heater, motion passed. Once changes are made on document Mr. Kupersmith will forward to the Faculty Senate Committee on Committees chair Cheryl Eason.
  6. Continued discussion and review of Library survey project. After some discussion was decided to have survey go back to survey sub-committee (Dr. Dahlstrom, Ms. Davies and Ms. Heater) for review and update. Sub-committee will bring back to LAC on November 20. Survey had been sent to Human Subjects Committee, discussion was if revised would it need to go back to Human Subjects Committee for review. May not have to submit revised survey to Human Subjects Committee. We’re waiting for their reply concerning clarifications we recently sent them about how the survey is going to be used. Once approved by LAC and approval from Human Subjects Committee, will distribute survey electronically and in classrooms. Goal is to distribute survey in late January, early February 2003 with collection at the end of February, with a response of 400-500 completed surveys. LAC faculty members will discuss among colleagues regarding distribution of survey in classes. Would like to have closure of survey by the end of May 2003.

B. Dean’s Announcements

  1. Friends of the James C. Kirkpatrick Library hosted a “Book Publication Celebration” on October 22, went very well. The next event is tentatively scheduled in December 2002 honoring Marla Selvidge.
  2. Library Materials Budget Resolution 2003-04 was brought to the committee’s attention to start working on the resolution to be forwarded to the Faculty Senate Budget Committee in January/February 2003. Was requested to form a sub-committee. Those appointed to serve on the sub-committee – Dr. Brown, Mr. Kupersmith. Resolution will be brought to LAC members in January 2003.

Meeting adjourned.
Recorded by: Dr. Charles Dahlstrom, Secretary – Library Advisory Committee


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