Library Advisory Committee at the University of Central Missouri


Library Advisory Committee
February 6, 2003 - 3:00 p.m.


  Sept. 25 Oct. 23 Nov. 20 Feb. 6
Dr. Charles Schwepker x x x x
Dr. John Haydu a, called resigned from position - - - - - -
Dr. Ken Wood - - - - - - x x
Mr. Joe Kupersmith x x x a, called
Dr. Gregory Brown x x x resigned 
Ms. Davie Davis x x x a, called
Dr. Charles Dahlstrom x x x x
Ms. Mary Heater  x x a, called x
Ms. Cristie Stevenson x x x a
Mr. John Liberto a a x a
Ms. Ann Richardson - - - - - - x a, called

A. LAC Issues

  1. Minutes – as there was not a quorum November 20, 2002 minutes will be reviewed at March 6, 2003 meeting.
  2. Note: February 6, 2003 meeting – as the committee lacked a quorum all discussions and actions are advisory.
  3. Library Survey update – discussed how to proceed with distribution of survey via e-mail message from LAC, SGA or Dean’s Office, what should the ending date be, how to publicize survey to encourage students to complete survey, ideas discussed included: possible article in Muleskinner, posters and talk with SGA president Munatsi Manyande to determine if SGA would send out message. The idea is that more students might participate in survey if it comes from the peers than from the LAC or Dean’s Office.
  4. Library Materials Budget Resolution FY04 update – No report, delay until March meeting. Informal discussion, shared Library Services Strategic Directions, Goals and Initiatives for FY04 (handout). LAC needs to take move forward on resolution as quickly as possible. Check with Mr. Kupersmith co-chair of Library Materials Budget Resolution committee as to the progress on resolution.
  5. LAC charge update – received respond back from Faculty Senate. They are concerned with the three at-large faculty members added to membership. As Faculty Senate currently has 15 vacancies to fill. Discussed changing the wording to say, “may appoint three at-large faculty members”. Will ask Mr. Kupersmith to write a letter to Faculty Senate Committee on Committees to add the word “may”.
  6. Check out period for faculty members – Dr. Wood received a request to extend loan period for faculty check outs. Discussion followed, any changes we make in our faculty loan periods also need to be extended to faculty in 49 other institutions as for the agreements of MOBIUS consortium. It was the consensus of the group to leave faculty loan period as is. The dean asked the faculty representatives to check with their colleagues in the colleges to determine if faculty loan periods need to be changed.

B. Dean’s Announcements

  1. Patriot Act (handout) – The dean distributed a handout summarizing the provisions of patriot act which significantly reduced the privacy rights of library clients. American Library Association and other professional organizations are seeking the Congressional support to have some provisions modified to assure all readers freedom to read what they wish without self-censorship. The act also has the provisions that may interfere with the normal operations of a library. The dean asked the members to share patriot act information with colleagues and encourage them to talk with our congressional leaders to have library monitoring provisions the Patriot Act modified.
  2. CLIR Research (handout) – The Dean distributed summaries of research studies from the UCLA and CLIR, which showed that the usage of electronic resources is increasing but it is not supplanting the print resources.
  3. Holiday Closing – We received a request to have library opened during Martin Luther King holiday weekend. Currently the library closes on Friday at 5:00 p.m. and reopens again on Monday at 6:00 p.m. Should the library be opened during MLK weekend and Labor Day weekend? Statistics show there was not high enough usage of the library during this period. Given the current budget status it was a prudent thing to close on these two holiday weekends. After discussion it was consensus of the members to not make any changes to library operating hours at this time. If additional concerns with library hours come forward the LAC can revisit the issue.
  4. Celebration of Scholarship – Based on the experience with the successes of the book publication celebrations sponsored by the JCKL Friends, the library is looking into hosting an event to celebrate the other scholarship accomplishments of Central community such as journal articles, presentations, etc. When asked on the viability of the concept the members indicated that with current situation on campus we can use as a moral booster such as this event and suggested to proceed with the planning to host the event during the month of November.

Meeting adjourned.
Recorded by: Dr. Charles Dahlstrom, Secretary – Library Advisory Committee


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