Library Advisory Committee at the University of Central Missouri


Library Advisory Committee
April 3, 2003 - 3:00 p.m.


  Sept. 25 Oct. 23 Nov. 20 Feb. 6 March 6 April 3
Dr. Charles Schwepker x x x x x x
Dr. John Haydu a, called resigned from position - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dr. Ken Wood - - - - - - x x x a, called
Mr. Joe Kupersmith x x x a, called x x
Dr. Gregory Brown x x x resigned  - - - - - -
Ms. Davie Davis x x x a, called x a, called
Dr. Charles Dahlstrom x x x x x x
Ms. Mary Heater  x x a, called x x x
Ms. Cristie Stevenson x x x a a a
Mr. John Liberto a a x a resigned - - -
Ms. Ann Richardson - - - - - - x a, called x x

A. LAC Issues

  1. Approval of March 6, 2003 minutes; stand approved as distributed.
  2. Circulation Policies follow up – responded to requestor that policies will stand as currently posted.
  3. LAC summary report 2002-03, Mr. Kupersmith will draft document following conclusion of this meeting, will then forward final document to Faculty Senate, LAC members and will be included in Library Services annual report FY03.
  4. Recommended future issues – suggested future issues for 2003-2004 LAC discussion include - doing another round of assessment to faculty, professional staff and support staff (as individual groups or as one group); budget issues; look at committee composition; enhance attendance, suggest luncheon meeting, continuity.  This information will be pasted on to next year’s LAC committee.
  5. Final analysis of Library Survey – subcommittee Ms. Davis, Dr. Dahlstrom and Ms. Heater met with Dr. Don Nimmer, emeriti Director of Institutional Research and discussed survey and how to go about putting together analysis.  After lengthy discussion regarding final analysis and suggested changes adding percentage in bar graphs, subcommittee will update final analysis and then forward via GroupWise to LAC members for review.  Once final analysis is approved Mr. Kupersmith will send copies to President Patton, Provost Carter, Dean Rao, Student Government Association, Faculty Senate, Dr. Grelle, Library Services Assessment Committee and will be included in Library Services annual report 2002-03.  Dr. Dahlstrom recommended that a thank you be sent to Dr. Don Nimmer, emeriti Director of Institutional Research and Ms Judi Reine, Programmer/Research Analyst – Institutional Effectiveness for their help and assistance with survey with a copy of letter to Judi’s supervisor, Dr. Schwepker seconded, all present approved.
  6. Web page for LAC, posting minutes and members e-mail addresses, will have up and running by first meeting next year.

B. Dean’s Announcements

  1. Dean Rao extended thank yous to LAC committee for a wonderful, interesting and trying year.  Thank you to Mr. Kupersmith for serving as chair and vice-chair, Ms. Davis for serving on subcommittees and both for two years of contribution to LAC.   Dr. Dahlstrom, for serving as secretary and serving on LAC. Also to Ms. Heater and Ms. Richardson for their contribution to the committee.  Dr. Schwepker, for serving as vice-chair this and will be returning back next year.  Letters will be sent out acknowledging service this year.

Meeting adjourned.

Recorded by: Dr. Charles Dahlstrom, Secretary – Library Advisory Committee


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