Library Advisory Committee at the University of Central Missouri


Library Advisory Committee
October 18 , 2004 - 10:00 a.m.


  October 18
Dr. Gary Vazzana a, called
Dr. Eric Tenbus x
Ms. Allison Norwood x
Dr. Odin Jurkowski x
Ms. Davie Davis x
Ms. Mary Heater x
Ms. Rosemary Olas x
GSA Representative - - -
SGA Representative - - -

A. LAC Issues

  1. Welcome and Introductions.   Ms. Dinwiddie welcomed returning members and new members to LAC.   Members introduced themselves to the group.   Guest attending meeting Mr. Les Lynam, Interim Director of Technical Services and Assistant Professor of Library Services.
  2. Election of Officers - by unanimous agreement from all members present Ms. Norwood was elected to serve as Chair.   Dr. Tenus will serve as Vice-Chair.   Ms. Davis was elected as Secretary.
  3. Minutes from January 26, 2004 approved as distributed.
  4. Library Materials Budget sub-committee - overview of the sub-committee was discussed.   Dr. Jurkowski, Ms. Heater, Dr. Tenus and Ms. Norwood volunteered to serve on sub-committee.   Will provide a report at next meeting with final report to be presented to LAC at first schedule meeting in Spring 2005.
  5. University wide survey - as one of the goals for LAC will conduct a survey this academic year, similar to the survey done in Spring 2003.   A copy of survey will be disturbed to LAC members prior to next meeting.
  6. Databases and electronic resources, presented by Mr. Les Lynam, Interim Director of Technical Services and Assistant Professor of Library Services.   Mr. Lynam gave an over view of databases available through Library Services web site.   He demonstrated the new Open URL Resolver and JStor (truly an archive of articles).    Off-campus access requires log-in information which is UCM user name and password.    Questions regarding library's databases and/or log-in information, contact the Reference Desk at 543-4154.   Ideals to make your work easier, to retrieve information for classroom instruction and for research, please let your library liaison know or any Library Services faculty member, per Ms. Dinwiddie.
  7. Forward any agenda items for LAC meetings to Ms. Norwood.

B. Dean’s Announcements

  1. Faculty Resource room 1350 was reconfigured to house vending machines.   This room is now known as "Jimmy K's Campus Canteen".   Library Services purchased tables and chairs for room.   A microwave was donated by a Library Services staff member.   The vending machines were moved to this room and a coffee machine added.   This room is more useable and accessible to patrons of the library.   There are also a few internet connections available in this room.
  2. Library Services now has available a portable coat rack for events held in JCKL.   Have added drive-up book drop to make returning library materials more accessible.   Art work has been added throughout the building, from the University art collection.   Currently work with the Art Department to display student and faculty art work.   Currently there is a display of tea pots done by a student art major.   Another item that was added was concrete benches at each of the three entrances to the building.   Benches provide a place for patrons to sit prior to the building opening for the day or to relax.
  3. Will schedule other guest speakers at future LAC meetings.


C. Next meeting scheduled for November 15, 2004 at 10:00 a.m.  


Meeting adjourned.

Recorded by: Ms. Davie Davis, Secretary - Library Advisory Committee


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