Library Advisory Committee at the University of Central Missouri


Library Advisory Committee
April 11, 2005 - 1:30 p.m.


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A. LAC Issues

  1. Minutes from March 14, 2005 approved as distributed.
  2. Survey update – distributed copy of current response to survey as of April 11, 2005.  There have been approximately 250 responds to the survey.  Survey will be posted until May 6, 2005 and will be reviewed in Fall 2005.
  3. Library instruction in classes – suggestion and ideals regarding library instruction in classes was discussed.  Concern is that when a student gets to Junior/Senior classes they don’t know how to use library resources and correct research process.  Some suggestions – faculty could offer extra credit for library instruction; encourage faculty within departments to contact their library liaison to give library instruction to their class; library resources and correct research process is a concern of the library and faculty across campus and the library will take all suggestions to help get information to students in their research papers for college.
  4. Library web pages – discussion of library home page.  Jenny Emanuel, Instructor of Library Services/Electronic Resource Librarian and Terry McNeeley, Instructional Design Specialist for Academic Media Services and Learning and Library Services.  Review of current library home page.  Suggestions – abbreviating content in the gray box on the left, moving some content into white open area.  Jenny and Terry will do a couple of mock ups for home page and some secondary pages.  These mock ups will be forwarded to LAC members for review.  LAC suggestion is to make it more user friendly and that one would not have to scroll down to look at all content on the home page.
  5. Goals and suggestions for future LAC meetings – materials budget from LAC is always helpful; faculty across campus to incorporate library instruction into classes instruction; literacy what resources and how to use resources in the library are a few suggestions for next year’s committee.

B. Dean’s Announcements

  1. Extended thank you to LAC members for their service to the committee.

Meeting adjourned.

Recorded by: Ms. Davie Davis, Secretary - Library Advisory Committee


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