Library Advisory Committee at the University of Central Missouri


Library Advisory Committee
October 16, 2006 - 10:00am


  October 16
Dr. Steve Del Vecchio a, called  
Dr. Darlene Ciraulo x  
Ms. Allison Norwood x  
Dr. Jennifer Robins a, called  
Mr. Stephen Walker x  
Mr. Vicor Marolf a, called  
Mr. John Lamirande x  
Mr. Wayne Wildman x  
Ms. Shelly Mendoza x  

LAC Issues

Welcome and Introductions – Dean Dinwiddie welcomed all members and each member introduced themselves. Dean Dinwiddie gave a brief overview of the committee and its charge.

Election of officers – After discussion of officers the following LAC members volunteered - Ms. Norwood as chair; Dr. Ciraulo as vice-chair; Mr. Wildman as secretary. Being no farther discussion those listed will serve as chair, vice-chair and secretary.

Look at the library needs as related to UCM’s increasing look at faculty research, how do we assist the library in supporting need for additional money for data bases, etc. Ms. Norwood brought up the topic of research tools for faculty and the future of UCM regarding the library. LAC works with Faculty Senate regarding materials budget recommendation for the next year. Of the library’s materials budget 80% is used for continuing data bases, which leaves 20% for other library materials. It was stated that it is very helpful that information is available online. Ms. Norwood asked that the budget resolution be forwarded to LAC members for their review to help proceed for the next year’s resolution. Ms. Norwood asked how we can support the library and what type of service(s) does the library need to provide for the future. Members were asked to talk with their colleagues regarding this item, with more discussion at the next scheduled meeting.

Dean’s Announcements
Classroom Media Resources (CMR) unit as part of Access Services within Library Services will have a retirement at the end of December 2006. Library Services is looking at revamping CMR and the position, stated Dean Dinwiddie. She also stated it is our goal to distribute equipment we already have in inventory to departments across campus. The Library will retain a limited number of mobile units to be available in emergency and that we no longer will be in the equipment business starting Fall 2007. Dean Dinwiddie asked members to share this information with their colleagues and if it is an expressed concern to let her know.

Library Grant Program – Dean Dinwiddie stated that she is looking at the possibility of grants to faculty members across campus from Library Services by using internal funds to support such grants. At first Library Services will support such grants, but the future will have to come from external funding. The grants would be used to purchase library materials for research and be added to the permanent collection in the library.

Library Services has two internal think tank groups. One think tank is looking at the facility of the building and the second think tank is looking at marketing of the library. Facility think tank is looking at ideas to enhance the building. One item that has been pursued is the purchase of two bean bags to be placed on 3rd floor for student use. Marketing think tank is looking at how we can sell the library and getting information to the campus community about resources available in the library. If LAC has any suggestions or ideas please forward them to Dean Dinwiddie and she will forward suggestions/ideas to the appropriate think tank.

The Chronicle of Higher Education online, Dean Dinwiddie will be asking the campus community if online will be usable with a cost of $4,000 yearly for site license. Dean Dinwiddie asked the LAC members to talk with their constituents.
Discussion of access to library data bases, they are opened to all users. There are some data bases that can only be accessed by coming into the library.

Meeting adjourned at 10:58 a.m.

Recorded by Mr. Wayne Wildman, Secretary – Library Advisory Committee


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