Library Advisory Committee at the University of Central Missouri


Library Advisory Committee
November 20, 2006, 10:00 a.m.

  October 16 November 20
Dr. Steve Del Vecchio a, called x
Dr. Darlene Ciraulo x x
Ms. Allison Norwood x x
Dr. Jennifer Robins a, called x
Mr. Stephen Walker x x
Mr. Victor Marolf a, called a
Mr. John Lamirande x a
Mr. Wayne Wildman x x
Ms. Shelly Mendoza x a, called
SGA Representative - - - - - -

LAC Issues

  1. Dr. Del Vecchio moved to approved minutes as distributed and was seconded by Mr.Wildman, all approved.
  2. Look at the library needs as related to UCM’s increasing look at faculty research, how do we assist the library in supporting need for additional money for data bases, etc. follow up.  New book check out period, not to have two week policy for new books for faculty, per Dr. Robins made a motion for the library to look at the policy for new books.  Seconded by Dr. Del Vecchio.  Will forward to library services council.  Ms. Norwoood asked that faculty members ask in their department if there are any concerns or suggestions.   Limited access to new data bases, most times only gives you a month.  To improve the library what has not worked in the library, send email to colleges, as suggested by Mollie to each LAC faculty representative  to their individual college.  Discussion of data bases was discussed.  Faculty need to get information to their library liaisons to assist in getting the appropriate journals.  IF information is brought to this body where does it go from here asked by Dr. Robins.  Mollie stated that it would go to biographers regarding electronic data bases.  AMC is a excellent digital library.
  3. Chronicle of Higher Education online follow up – cost is $4500, there is seems to be any interest in acquiring this online.  Is available in paper form.
  4. Scheduling LAC meeting for Spring 2007.   10 on Wednesday or keep at Monday at 10am.  Nancy will send out a message to all members to respond.
  5. Meeting schedule, all meetings begin at 10am in JCKL 2233

    i. December 11, 2006 (if needed) – committee will not meet

  6. Library materials budget resolution – committee was asked to listen within their colleges, as not sure how this will done in the future.


Dean’s Announcements

  1. Public link for feed back on the two think tanks. Send the link out.  Coffee shop, you have to have the dollars.  What can we do better.
  2. InfoOne newsletter will be coming out soon.

Meeting adjourned at 10:58 a.m.

Recorded by Mr. Wayne Wildman, Secretary – Library Advisory Committee

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