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Just another day at JCKL

The Library is a Great Place to…

…play Ultimate Frisbee!

Spring Studies at JCKL

Now You Can Text the Reference Desk!

Now you can text message the reference desk during all open library hours. Hit us with your toughest research questions – we can handle it!
It’s easy: Just text your question to 265010 and start your first message off with jcklref.
We’ll respond with a fresh (separate) text message to start the conversation.

The easiest way to [...]

Room to Spread Out

Need a place to work on a group project? Consider the library – there’s plenty of space to spread out, and the reference desk is close at hand should you encounter any research challenges. The third floor offers 15 study rooms, each with a large table, whiteboard and networked computer – think of them as [...]