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Movies to Learn New Languages

The Mango Languages Learning System has added four feature films to its service. Kung Fu Dunk to learn Mandarin Chinese, Negative Hapy Chainsaw Edge for Japanese, plus I’ll Believe in You and The Diary of Anne Frank for those who speak Spanish to learn English. Movies can be watched without interuption, with subtitles, or broken [...]

New Databases at JCKL

Shhhhh …

Want to get away from all distracting noise – try the new “silent room” on the Northwest corner of the 3rd floor. In this room conversations, music & phone call are off limits so as to provide a place in the library free of such disturbances. There are additional “quiet areas” – on the far [...]

Check Out Our Trial Service Desk in HCC

Have you seen the new trial service point desk in the Harmon Computer Commons? If not, come check it out!
Students can visit the service point for either research assistance or technical assistance with computer applications.
If you have a laptop or other mobile device, you can connect your monitor to the desk’s flat-screen monitors, or use [...]

New! CENTRALspace Repository

What is CENTRALspace?
CENTRALSpace is a groundbreaking digital repository system that captures, stores, indexes, preserves, and distributes digital research [...]