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Giant Lemon Attacked Library!

Lemonade day at the library was a huge success. Lots of students came by to celebrate the first day of class with free lemonade and cookies provided by the library.

Giant Lemon Attacks Library!

Fall 2007 JCK Library Welcome Tours

The James C. Kirkpatrick library offers tours of the library during the first several weeks of the semester. Tours not only let us show off our building – after a tour you will have a good idea where library services are located, and know who will help when you have a question or problem with [...]

Library Services will be closed for professional development August 15

In order to conduct a professional development meeting that all Library Services personnel may attend, portions of the James C. Kirkpatrick Library will be closed the morning of Wednesday, August 15, 2007. This will include Harmon Computer Commons and Classroom Media Resources. Other areas of the building are not affected by this (Honors College, [...]