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Library Welcome Tours

The James C. Kirkpatrick library offers tours of the library early each semester. Tours not only let us show off our building – after a tour you will have a good idea where library services are located, and know who will help when you have a question or problem with your research. Tours are an [...]

Tax Forms Available at JCKL

Why wait til April? The Kirkpatrick Library now has the following forms available on the first floor near the circulation desk.
Form 1040  -  (plus instructions)
Form 1040-A  -   (plus instructions)
Form 1040-EZ  -  (plus instructions)
Form 1040-NR -  (still waiting for instruction booklet)   
Form 1040NR-EZ – (plus instructions)
Form 4868 – form for extension of time
Form 8863 – Education Credits [...]