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Now You Can Text the Reference Desk!

Text the reference desk

Text us at the reference desk!

Now you can text message the reference desk during all open library hours. Hit us with your toughest research questions – we can handle it!

It’s easy: Just text your question to 265010 and start your first message off with jcklref.

We’ll respond with a fresh (separate) text message to start the conversation.

The easiest way to remember how to text the library is to add 265010 to the contact list on your phone with “jcklref” in the name field. Some phones also allow you to create templates for text messages, which would let you save the beginning of the message to pull up anytime.

Don’t forget we’re also available by:

- Phone at 630/543-4154

- Email at reference@libserv.ucmo.edu

- Instant message at jcklref (AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Meebo)

- Using the embedded chat box on our homepage at http://library.ucmo.edu

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