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Got a Second Life?

Have you explored Second Life yet? Second Life is a rapidly growing virtual world built entirely by community members. People are conducting business in Second Life, taking courses (including UCM courses!), meeting people, sharing information, and having fun, all within an immersive “video game” environment.

The University of Central Missouri owns virtual real estate in Second Life, an island called Selmo Park, where you can hang out at the Dockery building, groom the university mascot, visit the Swisher airport, and more. The library recently opened up a virtual branch location on the island – check it out!

Second Life Library

To learn more about Second Life, just visit http://secondlife.com/ After establishing an account and downloading the free application, you’re ready to dress your avatar (a virtual representation of yourself), learn how to walk, fly and manipulate objects on Orientation Island, and then explore the entire Second Life Universe.

If you have any questions, ask at the reference desk. We’ll be happy to help you “get a Second Life”.

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