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Meet the Author – Celia Kingsbury

Stop by the Library’s Performance Corner on Monday, November 8th, 3:30pm-5pm and meet Celia Kingsbury, author of “For Home and Country: World War I Propaganda on the Home Front (Studies in War, Society, and the Military).

This book examines the propaganda that targeted noncombatants on the home front in the United States and Europe during World War I. By examining a diverse collection of literary texts, songs, posters, and toys, Celia Malone Kingsbury reveals how these pervasive materials were used to fight the war’s cultural battle.

Celia Malone Kingsbury is an associate professor of English at the University of Central Missouri. She is the author of The Peculiar Sanity of War: Hysteria in the Literature of World War I.

This program sponsored by the UCM College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences,

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