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New! CENTRALspace Repository

What is CENTRALspace?

CENTRALSpace is a groundbreaking digital repository system that captures, stores, indexes, preserves, and distributes digital research materials. Administered by the James C. Kirkpatrick Library, CENTRALspace is the online institutional repository for the University of Central Missouri. It serves as a permanent digital storehouse for the intellectual output of the university’s faculty, staff, and students, and makes the university’s research available to a global audience via Google Scholar and other research tools.

CENTRALspace joins MOspace and Scholar’s Mine, two other institutional repositories in the Missouri state university system.

We welcome the Graduate School is the first community in CENTRALspace. All graduate student theses and research papers will now be published in CENTRALspace, discoverable to a worldwide audience.

Learn more about CENTRALspace.

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