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New Geospatial Analysis Tools @ JCKL

Median HH Income > $50K Kansas City, Columbia, St. Louis

Want to spice up your research project with some custom maps but don’t know much about GIS? You’re in luck because geospatial analysis just got easier. UCM’s ESRI campus site license now includes two user-friendly, web-based products for conducting basic geospatial analysis :

Community Analyst Online: View and analyze demographic, public, and third-party data to better understand a community and make better policy decisions. Built-in datasets include census, demographic, business, consumer spending, more.
Business Analyst Online: Analyze markets, customers, and competitors. Conduct store location analysis. Built-in datasets includ business, consumer spending, demographic data, market segmentation, more.

Learn more and get an account at  http://library.ucmo.edu/resources/gis.htm

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