Library Services would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their generous donations of library materials and funds.

Ms. Jill Anderson, London, Ontario, Canada

Ms. Patricia Behler, Jefferson City, MO

Dr. M. Lucy Blackburn, Warrensburg, MO

Mr. Tim Brady, Warrensburg, MO

Dr. D. Shelby Brightwell, Starkville, MS

Dr. Baird A. Brock, Warrensburg, MO

Dr. Greg Brown, Warrensburg, MO

Dr. Gail Crump, Warrensburg, MO

Dr. Kenneth F. T. Cust, Warrensburg, MO

Ms. Bernice Delaney, Warrensburg, MO

Ms. Cheryl Eason, Warrensburg, MO

Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald & Carter, Attorneys, Warrensburg, MO

Dr. Justyn Graham, Warrensburg, MO

Mr. Bob Green, Kansas City, MO

Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph E. Grother, Sedalia, MO

Dr. George Gunn, Mesa, AZ

Ms. Cheryl Harness, Independence, MO

Ms. Josephine Hebel, Lee's Summit, MO

Mr. James Hedges, Big Cove Tannery, PA

Ms. Isabelle Holland, New York, NY

Mr. Dean Hughes, Provo, UT

History Club, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO

Mr. Philip S. Hoge, Harrisonville, MO

Ms. Caroline Hutton, Custer, SD

Mr. Malcolm Keif, Warrensburg, MO

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Kirkpatrick, Warrensburg, MO

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Kjos, Warrensburg, MO

Mrs. Carol N. Klein, Sedalia, MO

Mr. James Kock, Pittsboro, NC

Mr. Peter Kung, Warrensburg, MO

Ms. Sarah Lengfellner, Whiteman AFB, MO

Ms. Betty Ann Lichner, Savannah, GA

Mr. C.B. Lueck, Jr., Sedalia, MO

Mr. Mark Luetkemeyer, St. Louis, MO

Ms. Linda Medaris, Warrensburg, MO

Dr. Catherine Murphy, Warrensburg, MO

Dr. James Obertino, Warrensburg, MO

Mrs. Connie S. Paul, Freehold, NJ

Mr. Philip Sadler, Warrensburg, MO

Dr. Chitaranjan Saran, Warrensburg, MO

Ms. Virginia L. Schanz, Marshall, MO

Dr. Marla J. Selvidge, Warrensburg, MO

Mr. John L. Skaggs, Union, MO

Dr. Nancy Walters Smith, Grinnell, IA

Dr. Mary L. Snyder, Warrensburg, MO

Mr. Francis C. Stark, Jr., College Park, MD

Mr. Theofanis G. Stavrou, Minneapolis, MN

Mrs. M. Leota Storm, Bosworth, MO

Mr. Cameron Thrall, Warrensburg, MO

Ms. Gladys Trace, Fayetteville, AR

Mr. Stephen Walker, Warrensburg, MO

Mr. Tom Walsh, St. Louis, MO

Mr. Everett K. Woods, Warrensburg, MO

Ms. Betty Ren Wright, Kenosha, WI