James C. Kirkpatrick

Library Services has lost a great friend and library advocate. In late December Distinguished University Fellow James C. Kirkpatrick passed away at the age of ninety-two.

Mr. Kirkpatrick had kept an office on campus since February 1985. Arrangements to move his office contents had been made during his last term in office as Missouri's Secretary of State. The invitation was extended from then Central President, James Horner. A suitable site was located in Ward Edwards Library and converted into office space. Everything but the carpeting was moved from the Jefferson City office to the library. Even the doorknob was moved and installed low on the door so that any leprechauns in the building would be able to reach it and enter! The office and its contents, including numerous file cabinets of papers from his years in political office, serve as an archive of his career.

Mr. Kirkpatrick became a familiar sight in the building over the next twelve years, with his trademark green apparel and friendly greetings. He shared his life and career experiences with many students, including University 1000 classes.

"Jimmy K." was instrumental in gathering the necessary support in the state legislature to fund the new library. In his honor, the new library building will be dedicated as the "James C. Kirkpatrick Library" on March 24, 1999.



Construction Progress on the James C. Kirkpatrick Library