The purpose of the Faculty Senate Library Advisory Committee is to advise the Dean of Library Services, to serve as a liaison between the library and the academic units, and to review and recommend allocation of the library materials budget.

On the nine member committee there is one representative from each of the five university units, one representative of the professional staff, one representative of the support staff, a graduate student representative, and a Student Government Association representative.

Members were:

Dr. Shing So, Chair, College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Woody Brown, College of Applied Sciences and Technology

Dr. Mary Snyder, College of Education and Human Services
Dr. Gary Vazzana, Harmon College of Business Administration
Mr. Les Lynam, Library/Academic Support
Mr. Corey Wedel, Professional Staff
Ms. Diana Mullen, Support Staff
Ms. Francisca Mendez, Graduate Student Association
Ms. Tilusha Bharti, Student Government Association
Dr. Pal V. Rao, Dean of Library Services, Ex Officio


The Committee made the following specific recommendation to the Faculty Senate Advisory Committee for University Budget:

"To increase the Library Materials Budget 14.5% plus an additional 6% which will be allocated by Library Advisory Committee based on requests presented by departments offering new programs."