Library Services would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their generous donation of books and other materials to the library. We would also like to express our thanks to the many individuals and organizations who donated funds through the UCM Foundation.

Mrs. Sharon Abney, Warrensburg MO Katherine E. Osborn, Rock KS
Mr. James W. Agee, Warrensburg MO Prism Publishing & Seminars, Saugerties NY
Mr. Anthony Ambs, Battle Creek MI Dr. Edwin J. Quistorff, Warrensburg MO
Mrs. Doris Brookshier, Warrensburg MO Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Reese, Warrensburg MO
Chemistry Department, Warrensburg MO Ms. Cheryl Riley, Blue Springs MO
Dr. Gail Crump, Warrensburg MO Dr. Arthur J. Rosser, Warrensburg MO
Mr. Mark E. Durbin, Kansas City MO Ms. Ivy Ruckman, Salt Lake City UT
Ms. Cheryl Eason, Warrensburg MO Mr. Philip Sadler, Warrensburg MO
Dr. and Mrs. Ed Elliott, Warrensburg MO Mr. Michael Spath, San Francisco CA
Mr. Henry Kohoutek, Loveland CO Mrs. Evelyn Stock, Hermann MO

Dr. V. Lonnie Lawson, Warrensburg MO

Mr. Stephen Walker, Warrensburg MO
Mr. Mark Luetkemeyer, Columbia MOMrs. Dr. Nestor B. Worobetz, Warrensburg MO
Dr. James Obertino, Warrensburg MO