Executive Summary

On March 24, 1999 Central dedicated a "new temple of learning" known as the James C. Kirkpatrick Library. It was a profoundly satisfying moment for me as I saw the results of the vision I shared with my faculty and staff during my first year as their dean in 1989.

The eminent contemporary scholar Dr. Vartran Gregorian stated that any university is only as great as its library. Central finally has a library facility worthy of its faculty and academic programs. This magnificent library building would not have happened without the support of the Honorable James C. Kirkpatrick, who tirelessly promoted the funding requests among Missouri legislators and with Governor Mel Carnahan. It was unfortunate that Mr. Kirkpatrick did not live to see his building dedication. The fact that the Governor Carnahan, many prominent Missourians, and state officials attended the dedication was an indication of the high regard Missourians have for Mr. Kirkpatrick.

In addition, Central Missouri's president Ed Elliott, and area legislators Senator Harold Caskey and Representative Deleta Williams worked hard to make the building a reality. Many university employees such as Dr. Tom Edmunds, Marilyn Landers, and Dr. Duane Sterling worked tirelessly to support various activities of the building program.

Dean Pal Rao


Another group that was very instrumental to the project's success was the Library Services faculty and staff. Every member of our faculty and staff worked on at least one activity of the building program. However, the following individuals made the most significant contributions: Doris Brookshier, Julia Carriker, Linda Medaris, Dr. Charles Slattery, John Small, and Naomi Williamson. I am particularly proud of Library Services faculty and staff for managing the move of over two million items from the old building to the new without disruption of service to our clientele. The move happened during mid-semester, a peak library use period. A planning team coordinated the move without denying access to anyone who needed research and learning materials. For this outstanding achievement Library Services administration, faculty and staff received many accolades from the campus community.

In addition to being busy with the myriad of activities associated with the transition to the new building, Library Services faculty managed to develop a new graduate program in library information technology as a part of Central Missouri's new statewide mission. After passing reviews by various university committees the program was approved by Central Missouri's Board of Governors on March 24, 1999.

During FY99, the library materials budget did not receive an adequate increase from the University in spite of a strong recommendation from the university-wide Library Advisory Committee. Provost Carter did allocate $35,000 on a one time basis and $7,750 on a permanent basis to save the essential journal subscription base. In FY99, Central Missouri's overall support of the library came to 4.1 % of its overall budget, far less than the Missouri Coordinating Board of Higher Education's recommendation that at least 6% of the overall institutional budget be allocated to library operations.

The new library building is a magnet for old and new clients. It is very attractive and makes many resources and facilities available to the academic and local communities. I am hopeful that the University will support its library at an adequate level in order to enhance the quality of all Central Missouri's academic programs.

Pal Rao
Dean of Library Services
November 1999

Nancy Gieselman
Dean's Secretary

Kim Anthes
Operations/Fiscal Coordinator