Library Services Mission Statement

Library Services is an integral component of the mission and goals of University of Central Missouri. Through an ongoing commitment to leadership and service, Library Services provides access to instructional, research and information resources and provides education for information specialization. Library Services seeks to address the diverse needs of the University, and to the extent possible, its state, national and international community. In fulfilling its responsibilities Library Services:

(1) provides and maintains collections which support, enhance, and enrich University curricula and research and reflects the diversity and cross-cultural dimensions of all disciplines;

(2) provides a technologically literate library faculty and staff, state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and facilities necessary for the effective access and utilization of information resources;

(3) provides a user-friendly environment conducive to client needs;

(4) maintains, preserves, and enhances the collections to optimize library service and information retrieval;

(5) increases awareness and use of library resources and services through instructional programs, publications, and public relations;

(6) cooperates with other libraries and organizations to increase accessible resources;

(7) promotes teaching excellence through the development of customized instructional materials and faculty training in the effective utilization of media technologies;

(8) provides media support services to the University;

(9) provides maintenance of electronic media equipment;

(10) prepares future information specialists through undergraduate and graduate degree programs; and

(11) encourages information literacy through bibliographic instruction.