Technical Services

Technical Services purchases, receives, catalogs, and maintains library materials so that library users can access them. This department also provides support and development of the library's local systems and online catalog database. Units within Technical Services include Acquisitions, Cataloging Services, and Library Systems.

Personnel in Technical Services devoted a large portion of time preparing for and moving into the new James C. Kirkpatrick Library. The move was accomplished for the Technical Services offices during the first week of March. All operations were functional within three working days.

Access to the library system via Ethernet rather than coaxial cable was successfully implemented in the new facility. The systems librarian continues work on the successful shift of the generic transfer/overlay (GTO) program to Ethernet. Anticipated completion is targeted for September 1, 1999.

All Y2K-compliant upgrades for the library management system have been installed. The NOTIS system upgrades 6.4.1 and 6.5 contained Y2K codes for the library management system. Because of action dates for subscription renewals and other future-connected activities, some of the Y2K changes are already functioning.

Beta version 1.3 of WebPAC, a web-based version of the library's online catalog, was installed. This project is still considered to be in beta testing by NOTIS programming engineers.

Mollie Lawson

OCLC changes were implemented to provide desktop access for Technical Services employees. This allows individuals to work with OCLC records and then export them directly into the library management system database.

The Systems Librarian completed several other projects that improved processes in Technical Services. An SAS program was created which allows the use of database and word processing programs to output barcode labels for new materials and for the production of HTML formatted new books lists. Web-based access to Printbase+, a CD-ROM database formerly accessible at only a single workstation in the library, was established. The Systems Librarian and the Electronic Resources Librarian collaborated to maintain the Library Services network as a Windows NT domain.

Financial reports for the library materials budget may be found in Appendix A.

Collections statistics may be found in Appendix B.

Statistics for Technical Services may be found in Appendix D.