The Dean of Library Services established an advisory group in February to review assistive technology and general accessibility issues for the James C. Kirkpatrick facility. Composing the advisory group are: Library Services faculty, Cheryl Riley, Barbara Wales, and Kathleen Weessies; a faculty member from the Department of Educational Leadership & Human Development of the College of Education and Human Services, Dr. Linda Koehler; a Library Services staff member, Christopher Baker; the Director of the Office of Accessibility Services, Dr. Barbara Mayfield; and a community representative from Warrensburg Independent Living Services, Scott Vroegendewey.
The goal of the advisory group is to enhance service to clients with special needs. In order to learn more about these needs, it conducted a focus group with students served by the Office of Accessibility Services. Using information from the focus group, it forwarded a list of necessary resources for the library to Dean Rao of Library Services and to Provost Carter.