Assessment of Library Services has been an ongoing effort for the past decade. The library assessment goal is two-fold: to determine how well students are learning information literacy skills and to investigate what quality of collections and services the library provides. A variety of methods are employed to achieve this goal.
During March those persons who came to the Kirkpatrick Library were given the opportunity to complete a questionnaire regarding their opinion of the new facility and the services provided. Although questionnaires and a return box were placed at three locations in the library, the number of people who completed the survey was fewer than 200 during a two-week period. Nonetheless, the responses and the comments provided useful information about library user perceptions of the collections, reference service, hours of operation, and the facility. Although routinely there are criticisms about the hours of operation, temperature, and the lack of specific titles, on the whole the responses were positive.
Ongoing assessment activities include the use of comment boxes in the Circulation area and Harmon Computer Commons where individuals may express concerns or provide feedback to Library Services. In order to glean information about the library, both as an employer and as an information provider, the Dean of Library Services holds exit interviews with library student employees and graduate assistants as they approach graduation. There are periodic, in-depth analyses of all units of the library as well.
The Department of Library Science assesses the LIS 1600 course, "Information Resources," through a pre-test and a post-test to selected groups of students.