Bibliographic Instruction Sessions and Tours
"I really appreciated the fact that the librarian who taught our instruction session acknowledged where we were and was not redundant. She covered the specific resources that we needed, so I felt she was very sensitive to her audience. I've been to other sessions offered by course instructors that were very brief, and then they left. I felt lost. But the librarians are very approachable after the session, and this really makes me feel that they will help me to the end."--Lori Williamsen, Masters degree student in Physical Education.
"...the librarians are very approachable ...this really makes me feel that they will help me to the end." Library faculty offered 140 bibliographic instruction sessions specifically targeted to the content of particular courses. In most cases, the subject bibliographer for an academic area offered these sessions. Among the 132 tours given by library faculty and staff, some were for groups of high school students or dual credit students who planned to do research during their visit to the library. Library faculty also provided general instruction sessions for these groups. Computer classroom space in either Computer Commons or the hands-on Bibliographic Instruction Room 2439 was made available.
For our younger students there were special enhancements to library tours in the form of story times, puppet entertainment, and online educational games.