Photocopy Services
Library Services leased five Gestetner 2732ztd copy machines November 1 and in June three new copy machines were purchased. All machines used for self-service photocopying are now uniform. Since the old copy cards no longer work in the new copy machines, a new card-dispensing machine and cards were purchased. Faculty, staff, and students could exchange their old copy cards for new ones, with value that was left on the old cards transferred to the new cards. Users now have the option of using a copy card, coins, or bills when making photocopies. Copies cost $.10 per page, but if a copy card is used, copies cost $.07. Additional money can be put on the copy card at any one of the copiers or through the card-dispensing machine located next to the Circulation Desk. Assistance in using the machines is available at the Reference Desk (2nd floor), the Circulation Desk (1st floor), and the 3rd floor service desk.
he library has Photocopy Services for students, faculty, and staff. Request forms for this service are available at the Reference and Circulation Desks, and online at Students using this service can pick up their copies at the Circulation Desk. Payment is due at time of pickup. Faculty and staff who charge copies to their departmental budget can have them delivered to their campus office via the Library Document Delivery Service.
T Jason Butler, SGA President said, "These new copiers represent what can be accomplished when students and administrators partner together." Students have commented that the machines are user-friendly and produce quality copies, while library staff find the new photocopy machines easy to maintain and troubleshoot. The average number of copies made weekly on the public copiers is 7,100.