To Central Community,

I am pleased to provide you with a copy of Library Services annual report documenting major activities and accomplishments of our faculty and staff. Fiscal year 1999-2000 is the first fiscal year that Library Services operated from its new home in the James C. Kirkpatrick Library. In spite of the problems associated with the moving and relocating activities, our faculty and staff lived up to the Library Services motto "convenience of the client" and continue to provide services and make resources available to our clients without any major interruptions. The client comments documented in this report are one indication of the success of that service philosophy.

The library is valued and respected by Central Missouri's faculty. A clear indication of this is the Faculty Senate's budget resolution ranking the priority for materials budget above faculty salaries. The library also has strong support among other segments of our academic community. The Library Advisory Committee, representing all segments of our academic community compared the library budgets of our peer institutions and made recommendations to increase library budget significantly. Based on these recommendations the University administration allocated an additional $100,000 for library acquisitions. The library also added an additional $25,000 through internal reallocation. These additional funds made it possible for the library to maintain its acquisition without any forced cancellations.

Though the physical facilities are expanded for the library the size of faculty and staff remained same. We are grateful to the Central Missouri's Emeriti Faculty Association, whose members volunteered to man the Library's information desk at the entrance and guided our clients to various service points.
During the FY00, we created and charged a Preferred Futures Planning Team (PFPT) to envision the kind of future that the Library Services faculty and staff would like to have. We also started the "Friends of the James C. Kirkpatrick Library."
We began admitting students to our newly approved graduate program in Library Information Technology. Library Science and Information Services department increased its credit hour production by 16% in FY00. Faculty and staff grant activity, presentation, and publications have increased. Overall Library Services experienced another productive year in FY00.

Pal V. Rao
Dean of Library Services

November 2000