Library Services would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their generous donations of books and other materials to the library.
  Ms. C. S. Adler, Tuscon, AZ
Mr. Jim Agee, Warrensburg, MO
Mr. William T. Anderson, Lapeer, MN
Mr. Gary Blackwood, Carthage, MO
Mr. Clyde Robert Bulla, Los Angeles, CA
Ms. Esther Cheng on behalf of her father Mr. Bar-ton Cheng, Chicago, IL
Mr. William B. Claycomb, Hughesville,MO
Dr. Gail Crump, Warrensburg, MO
Dr. Cheryl Eason, Warrensburg, MO
Dr. & Mrs. Ed Elliott, Kansas City, MO
Dr. Henry P. Garwick, Minneapolis, MN
Ms. Cheryl Harness, Independence, MO
Ms. Madge Harrah, Albuquerque, NM
Ms. Patricia Hermes, Fairfield, CT
Ms. Mollie Lawson, Warrensburg, MO
Dr. Kathleen Leicht, Warrensburg, MO
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Lillard, Warrensburg, MO
Ms. Edith McCall, Hollister, MO
Dr. & Mrs. Pal V. Rao, Warrensburg, MO
Mr. & Mrs. Trevor D. Reese, Warrensburg, MO
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rosenthal, Melville, NY
Mr. Philip Sadler, Warrensburg, MO
Ms. Virginia Lee Schanz, Marshall, MO
Dr. John Sheets, Warrensburg, MO
Mr. Doug Short, Warrensburg, MO
Dr. Diane Smith, Warrensburg, MO
Ms. Amy Stringer, Centerview, MO
Ms. Stephanie Tolan, Charlotte, NC
Dr. Joseph N. Tygett, Cape Girardeau, MO
University of Missouri Press, Columbia, MO
Mrs. Kathleen Weessies, Warrensburg, MO
Mr. G. Clifton Wisler, Plano, TX
Mr. Everett K. Woods, Warrensburg, MO
Dr. & Mrs. N. Dan Worobetz, Warrensburg, MO