Friends of the Kirkpatrick Library
Organizational efforts have been under way to organize the Friends of the James C. Kirkpatrick Library. According to Dean Pal Rao, "Friends groups exist to promote and support a library. This includes sponsoring programs to enhance the cultural and intellectual life of library constituents, conducting fund-raising, and increasing the knowledge of the broader community regarding library collections, facilities, and services."
Featured speaker Dr. Marie Kinder, Professor of English at Central
The kick-off event, "Celebration of Reading," was held on April 13 during National Library Week. Dean Rao and Provost Kyle Carter spoke on the importance of libraries. Then featured speaker Dr. Rose Marie Kinder, Professor of English at Central, shared both serious and humorous opinions from children and adults who had expressed their appreciation of books and libraries.
Several interested individuals have met to determine the structure and goals of the organization. A steering committee includes community members Mrs. Doris Houx Kirkpatrick, Dr. Patricia Ashman, Dr. Baird Brock, Mr. Tim Murdock, and Ms. Mollie Lawson as library liaison. Their goal is to draft operational guidelines and plan for future activities of the Friends. A membership contribution to the Friends provides an opportunity for individuals to be involved in the very important work of helping the Kirkpatrick Library continue to improve its collections and services. For those who are local and wish to volunteer time to the library, Friends may serve as docents for library visitors or assist with other library activities.
Membership in the Friends is open to any individual, business, or organization. Alumni of the University are especially encouraged to become a Friend of the Kirkpatrick Library, and alumni can support the library in a way that can assist every student who enrolls at Central. More than 40 individuals have joined the Friends group.


Friends of the Kirkpatrick Library
  Mrs. Kimberly Anthes, Warrensburg, MO
Mr. Roy A. Brown Jr., Chesapeake, VA
Mrs. Libby Burdsall, Leawood, KS
Dr. Kathryn J. Carr, Warrensburg, MO
Mr. Richard R. Carr, Warrensburg, MO
Dr. Conan and Mrs. Patricia Castle, Warrensburg, MO
Dr. Larry and Mrs. Janet Dorrell, Warrensburg, MO
Mrs. Rosalie Elwell, Warrensburg, MO
Mrs. Kathryn Erisman, Warrensburg, MO
Mrs. Lori and Mr. Ron Fitterling, Warrensburg, MO
Mrs. Ophelia Gilbert, Warrensburg, MO
Dr. Alice Gower, Warrensburg, MO
Mr. Robert Hallis, Warrensburg, MO
Dr. Xiang C. Hallis, Omaha, NE
Mr. William Hauser, Warrensburg, MO
Mrs. Virginia Harlan Hess, Windor, MO
Mrs. Linda Hoover, Warrensburg, MO
Mrs. Sandra Jenkins, Sedalia, MO
Dr. Rose Marie Kinder, Warrensburg, MO
Mrs. Doris Kirkpatrick, Warrensburg, MO
Mrs. Dolores Kitterman, Warrensburg, MO
Ms. Mollie Lawson, Warrensburg, MO
Mrs. Linda Lengfellner, Warrensburg, MO
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Linda Lillard, Warrensburg, MO
Ms. Linda Medaris, Warrensburg, MO
Mrs. Joan Mees, Warrensburg, MO
Dr. Larry Olpin, Warrensburg, MO
Dr. Eugene Oshima, Warrensburg, MO
President Bobby & Dr. Eleanor Patton, Warrensburg, MO
Ms. Jackie Ransom, Grain Valley, MO
Mrs. Laura Rao, Warrensburg, MO
Ms. Cheryl Riley, Blue Springs, MO
Dr. Art and Mrs. Caroline Rosser, Warrensburg, MO
Dr. Robert Schwartz, Warrensburg, MO
Dr. David Smith, Warrensburg, MO
Dr. Shela and Mr. Don Snyder, Warrensburg, MO
Ms. Brenda Steffens, Stover, MO
Dr. Carol Vacek, Warrensburg, MO
Mrs. Barbara Wales, Warrensburg, MO
Mr. Steve Walker, Warrensburg, MO
Mr. Joseph and Virginia Wessing, Pilot Grove, MO
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. M. Naomi Williamson, Warrensburg, MO