Meetings and Ceremonies
The Chapter President Academy of the Sigma Tau Gamma national fraternity met by the James C. Kirkpatrick Room on January 6. Speakers included University President Bobby Patton, Missouri State Representative Deleta Williams, and Mr. William Bernier, Executive Vice President of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity.
President Bobby Patton and his wife, Dr. Eleanor Patton, honored the 2000 Byler Distinguished Faculty with a reception on April 17 in the Access Services area of the library. This year's award recipients were Dr. Novella Perrin and Dr. Ed See.
The Student Government Association (SGA) held their annual Excellence in Governance Award ceremony on April 19, in the Read and Relax area of the library.
Phillip Castleberry, SGA president, presented U.S. Representative Congressman Blunt spoke of his mentor James C. Kirkpatrick to a gathering of about 40 people. He is the 15th recipient of this award.Roy Blunt (R-Springfield) with the award.
The Missouri State Library held their Secretary's Council on Library Development June 15, in the library's Bibliographic Instruction Room 2441. Some of those in attendance at the meeting were Sara Parker, State Librarian, Deleta Williams, Missouri Representative, and University President Bobby Patton.