Preferred Futures Planning Team
In September, Dean Rao asked Library Services personnel to elect individuals to a Preferred Futures Planning Team. After listening to colleagues voice their preferences, the group was to propose changes in services, organization, and materials for the next three to five years. Rob Hallis, chair, Julie Carriker, Mary Griffis, Linda Lillard and Linda Medaris were elected to this team. There were several forums in which colleagues discussed their opinions or research interests. The findings revealed an institution moving forward:
  • There is sufficient latitude within the current organizational structure to support a high degree of personal freedom, accountability, and responsibility
  • An inventory of tasks, skills, and training is needed, and a survey of James C. Kirkpatrick Library personnel will provide information for professional development, prioritizing duties, and reassigning tasks
  • Modes of communication used by library employees will be studied to identify likely causes for the current perception regarding communication problems
  • The skills of an information provider will be heavily dependent upon gaining a familiarity with quickly changing technologies. Training sessions and time to master skills is requisite to success during the period of transition toward increased electronic formats.

Preferred Futures Planning Team, pictured left to right - Julie Carriker, Linda Medaris, Mary Griffis, Rob Hallis (not pictured, Linda Lillard)

To better serve library clients over the next year, a comprehensive professional development program will be provided, issues of communication will be examined, and skills and tasks that must be improved and prioritized will be identified.