Info One - Fall 97

Fall 1997

Kraus Curriculum Development Library

The library contains many resources in support of Central Missouri's teacher education programs. One valuable resource is the Kraus Curriculum Development Library, a microfiche collection of curriculum models, standards, learning activities, lesson plans, evaluation methods, and teaching guides from throughout North America. The guides reflect objectives, programs, and teaching practices for Grades K through 12, Early Childhood Education, and Adult Basic Education. Some guides are outlines for study; others concentrate on activity suggestions, games, or lab experiments. Some documents are tied to specific objectives; others give general teaching tips. The curriculum guides are filed under one of 22 major subject categories, which have distinctive subject codes. The guides are organized by grade level within the major subject category. ERIC descriptors are assigned for subjects. If a guide covers more than one grade level, it is listed under the lowest grade level applicable.

There is a cumulative index for 1981 to the present on a CD-ROM in the Reference Area on the first floor. The microfiche is located in the Periodicals room on the second floor. The collection is updated annually. This collection is an excellent resource for those who need to locate and examine actual examples of curricula. Ask at the Reference Center for a handout with specific instructions to search the CD-ROM index.