Info One - Fall 97

Fall 1997

News from Government Documents

Reinventing Government

In the early 1900s the New York Bureau of Municipal Review developed a citizen-driven model for government reform in which the citizen acts as an owner of public services (Schachter). This model contrasts with the citizen-as-consumer model, currently called "reinventing government" (Osborne and Gaebler, 1992) which shares many characteristics with our own student-centered Continuous Process Improvement process. In contrast to citizens-as-consumers, citizens-as-owners act like business CEOs, monitoring agency performance through observation and analysis of published government data.

Where would you--the citizen-as-owner--begin to monitor state or federal government performance? Of course! The Government Documents collection! Readers might begin by browsing the most recent "New Books" list. It includes a generous selection of U.S. Government Publications received in the last month. This list is posted here with a link to new government documents here. It is also sent on paper to departments across campus. Check out what your government is doing.

Osborne, D., and Gaebler, T. (1993). Reinventing government: how the entrepreneurial spirit is transforming the public sector. New York: Penguin.

Schachter, H.L. (1995, November/December). Reinventing government or reinventing ourselves: Two models for improving government performance. Public Administration Review, 55(6). 530-537.

Pat Antrim
Goverment Documents Librarian