Spring 1998


New Software in the Library

Lewis and Clark Stayed Home

Students explore the Louisiana Purchase in place of Lewis and Clark. Students are challenged to map the Louisiana Purchase, establish friendly contacts with Native American tribes, and find a route to the Pacific Ocean (Grades 5-9).

Version 1.0 for Apple II.


HyperStudio 3.1 for Macintosh

Allows user to design multimedia creations which may include text, animation and sound.

Version 3.1 for Macintosh


An Electronic Companion to Statistics

Designed to accompany statistics textbooks. Using animation, video and user-controlled diagrams along with text, presents concepts in statistics. Includes self-testing questions (with hints) and glossary.

IBM PC/AT and Macintosh


Picture Publisher

Image editing system for Windows 95: photo retouching, objects and layers, natural media brushes, 50+ image effects, GIF and JPG support for the Web.

Version 7.0 for IBM PC


FAA Test Prep

Contains questions to prepare for the FAA examination.

Network version 2.5 for IBM PC


Building Test Success for Beginning Nursing Students: the Advanced Q & A Approach for Windows

Gives test-taking tips and simulation and practice tests to help nursing students with the NCLEX.

Version 1.0 IBM PC/AT


OmniPage Pro

Scanner software that quickly and accurately turns printed pages and faxes into editable documents that can be used with many different programs.

Version 7.0 for Macintosh and Version 7.0 for IBM PC/AT


Adobe Photoshop

Art tool that allows the creation of painted images, editing of scanned images, and importing of rendered 3-D visualizations.

Version 4.0 (Educational version) for IBM PC/AT and Macintosh


Clinical Delegation & Nursing Roles

Gives a practical approach to teaching nurses what can and cannot be delegated.

IBM PC/AT and Macintosh