The Dean's Corner

Ward Edwards to Kirkpatrick Move

Library Services faculty and staff are facing the monumental task of moving some 2.2 million items from Ward Edwards to Kirkpatrick Library. Library collections ranging from clay tablets to compact discs, office furniture, audiovisual hardware and software, computer hardware and software, and various office machines need to be moved in a logical and orderly fashion. We need to disconnect, reconnect and reconfigure numerous electronic information services. This all needs to be accomplished while maintaining services to our clientele.

Realizing the magnitude of this problem, we began planning for this move very early. During the Fall 1997 Plan Days meeting, I brought this matter to the attention of our faculty and staff and asked for volunteers to form a New Building Transition Team (NBTT). Using only volunteers, we formed the team and asked them to plan and execute all issues relevant to the move. I am very proud of the work done by the NBTT. They have developed excellent plans using the experiences of other libraries. Aided by Sharon Gobber of Purchasing, the NBTT developed a bid specification for a professional moving service.

It is anticipated that the building may be ready to occupy during the December 1998 and January 1999 period, though technically the contractor has until February 1999 to finish the building. If for some reason the building is not ready during the break period, the next opportunity for the move will be between Spring and Summer sessions, as we have to support student and faculty information needs during the spring session.

We will need the cooperation of the academic community, especially the faculty in this monumental moving process. The kind of cooperation we expect, and the exact time period for the move will be communicated to the academic community as soon as the necessary details are completed.

Dean Rao