From the Library to Library Science

After 19 years of service in Ward Edwards Library, Dr. V. Lonnie Lawson is transferring full time to the Department of Library Science & Information Services (LIS). For 16 of those years Lonnie Lawson has supplemented faculty in LIS by teaching courses and was also responsible for the creation or co-creation of five courses, including Electronic Resources and Creating Web-based Sources.

Dr. Lawson's teaching goal is to provide students with useful skills and information. He believes that his new job as a library science teacher is only a small change from that of a librarian, in that now he will teach in a structured classroom setting. He considers that his librarian background, with its emphasis on conducting research, enriches classroom teaching.

Besides teaching, Dr. Lawson is responsible for advising students on theses and research papers. Also, he has recently helped develop a proposed Masters degree of Information Management for the LIS department. He joins department chair Larry Dorrell as one of two full time faculty in the LIS department.

Dr. Lawson joined Library Services in 1979, and in 1988 earned his doctorate in Library Science from Florida State University. Dr. Lawson was responsible for developing the library collection in the sciences and technology areas and for coordinating library tours and workshops.