The Computer Commons - A Campus Resource

The Computer Commons offers numerous computing and media-related services to the entire campus community. While most visitors are students, the Commons also offers services to faculty. One service that may be of interest is the ability for faculty to conduct classes in the Commons for up to 15 students on either Macintosh or Windows computers. Classroom space is scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis.

Faculty may bring electronic materials to the lab to be placed on the campus network for student use; Computer Commons staff can evaluate computer programs created by faculty members or evaluate commercial products to ensure compatibility with Commons computers and equipment.

In order to use Commons computers, individuals must possess either a CENTRAL or CENTRALB computer account. To schedule class sessions or for more information on these services, call 543-4196.

Your Computer Commons Staff:

Linwood Mason Jr.
Media Specialist
Helen Gales
Media Assistant, PC
Rick Smetana
Media Assistant, MAC