The Library Inventory

In the last issue of Info One, it was noted that the library has in its collection over 2.2 million items. Tracking this inventory is no easy task. For many years it was a manual process where the card catalog was used to locate books, and "sign out" cards were used to track circulation.

The library moved to its first automated circulation system in the late 1970's. Not only could an item's movement be tracked more accurately, but the privacy of a client's borrowing activity was more easily protected.

The NOTIS system, adopted in 1989, represented a total switch from a manual to electronic inventory control. It provides inventory management and a public component for searching, called LUIS (Library User Information System).

The next advance, a switch to a completely web-accessible client-server system will be realized in the next couple years. The MOBIUS system - to be adopted by all Missouri public university and other libraries - will offer the electronic searching and control that clients and employees expect, and the web accessibility and inter-institutional cooperation that we now need.